May 23, 2024
DeAndre Hopkins

Not merely the top landing destination, but the overwhelming choice for a future Hall of Fame wide receiver is the Pittsburgh Steelers.

A discussion of the Pittsburgh Steelers is in order. Favorites with odds. Likely to happen. They’re the favorites to land a giant fish in the AFC, a name so unexpected that you can’t dismiss this man.

You can’t deny that he has value. You can’t give any good reasons for ruling him out. His NFL career thus far, and his career going forward, improves the quality of play for whatever club he joins. The teams he’s been on have been very awful, unfortunately.

DeAndre Hopkins is the guy in question. The odds are 5-1 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. When the wide receiver for the Tennessee Titans becomes available in a trade, be the first to acquire him.

Some have even written out the Cleveland Browns, but the Baltimore Ravens are the frontrunners in this battle, which is terrible news for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Derrick Henry is anticipated to sign with the Ravens.

The Steelers are unlikely to add a running back to their roster. Getting a running back would only help them out a little. They were skeptical of the wisdom of pursuing a wide receiver, but here they are, paving the way for DeAndre Hopkins.

The Cleveland Browns are the next favorite team, with odds of 11 to 2. Los Angeles Chargers are 7-to-2 underdogs over the Seattle Seahawks, who are 6-to-1. Look at DeAndre Hopkins: 31 years old, $26 million contract over two years.

When exactly do we start? For what reason in the world would we do that? However, Vegas and the sports bookmakers clearly know something that the rest of us don’t. We may even be the favorites to land DeAndre Hopkins if the Pittsburgh Steelers take a look.

Perhaps the Pittsburgh Steelers know something about something we don’t. Is there logic behind it? Our roster now includes George Pickens, DeAndre Hopkins, and Diontae Johnson.

Diontae Johnson is not a slot man, so it needs to be clarified how that trio is supposed to function. No matter how much his slot guy status is tried to be imposed onto him.

Despite his size, he is not a slot receiver. His strengths are on the sidelines, where he can run routes or make comebacks, rather than in the middle of the field.

He doesn’t play that way. Though he occasionally makes plays in certain areas, he also frequently misses open teammates with ball drops.

There needs to be catching Diontae Johnson. These are inside slants or outside moves from the slot. Frequently, in fact. That means you won’t be bringing him inside. You won’t be moving inside, George Pickens, because that man is as deadly as they come.

George Pickens may be the only NFL player with better body control. And now he’s one of your most prominent stars. You’ll mold him into your ideal version of Ja’Marr Chase, DK Metcalf, Tee Higgins, or DeAndre Hopkins.

Eventually, he’ll become that type of person. The Pittsburgh Steelers set their sights on him improving into Alen Robinson’s replacement. DeAndre Hopkins may take up the position, which is strange but possible.

You can only toss a football up to a select few NFL players, but DeAndre Hopkins is one of them. They might be able to watch it from the bleachers. You may rest assured that both feet touched the ground, even though a replay is unavailable.

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