May 24, 2024
Princess Diana

Princess Diana

The iconic ’80s ensemble of Princess Diana that fascinated hearts and auction halls alike, combining timeless elegance with record-breaking glamor.

A memorable dress that was once worn by the elegant Princess Diana recently took Hollywood by storm in a stunning display of royal allure, obtaining a staggering $1.15 million at auction. Designed by the talented Moroccan-British fashion virtuoso Jacques Azagury, this black and blue evening gown became the stuff of legends as it went over all expectations of both fashionistas and auction goers.

The Velvet Evening Gown of Princess Diana Breaks Auction Records at $1.1 Million!

Adorned with a black velvet bodice embroidered with celestial stars, the dress carried a sense of ethereal charm that Diana showcased in the romantic city of Florence in April 1985 and again in the cultural haven of Vancouver, Canada, in May 1986. The dress went up for sale at the same time as “The Crown,” an opulent Netflix series about the British royal family that has reignited interest in Princess Diana’s history.

Nobody could have predicted that this legendary piece, which was expected to sell for $100,000, would steal the spotlight and become the prettiest dress ever worn by Diana to grace the auction stage.

This royal group, sold as part of Julien’s “Hollywood Legends” auction, not only captured the spirit of Princess Diana’s classic grace, and it was further enhanced in appeal by an associated illustration. The bidding war reached unprecedented heights, making it a historical moment in the world of fashion auctions.

But the allure didn’t end there. Another piece of Diana’s sartorial history, a blush-pink chiffon blouse worn in her enchanting engagement portrait in 1981, emerged as an unexpected star of the auction. At auction, the delicate garment brought in nearly four times its estimated value with a winning bid of $381,000. This became a symbol of the enduring fascination with Princess Diana’s unmatched style.

Elizabeth Holmes, a fashion critic and expert in royal style, remarked, “The fact that this dress, all these years later, goes for this amount — I think people continue to be in awe of her and her fashion. Diana has remained a fashion icon.”

The ecstatic sale of not one, but three of Diana’s gowns at this Hollywood auction, a grand platform for her fashion legacy, demonstrated the continued admiration for the People’s Princess. Diana’s generosity is reflected in the legacy of these gowns, which include two by Catherine Walker and one by Bruce Oldfield. In September 2023, fashion history was once again impacted when a blouse from Diana’s engagement portrait sold for an astounding $381,000.

However, the attractive evening gown in black and blue emerges as the clear winner. This Jacques Azagury gown, which set a record for the highest-selling Princess Diana dress at auction, will go down in history as a timeless example of elegance and regal charm.

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