May 18, 2024
AI Written Content

AI Written Content

Today is the time when consumers need to be much more aware than ever before! Because writers are roaming around hiding AI written content under their cloak.

Private investment in AI more than doubled last year to $93.5 billion in 2021-
Search Engine Journal
Whereas Google improved webmaster guidelines documentation and stated clearly that AI content is against their guidelines.

Do my writings have traces of AI in it? Can I hide my AI written content or it will be spotted? This is the writers dilemma in this era of advancement in AI. Whereas clients and customers are hunting for AI free and humanized content.

In the world full of deep fakes, their is a want, a scarcity, a growing need and demand for empathetic humanized content. How do we separate the true, organic content from the web of AI virtual content.

A human writer put his entire life experience, all his heart and soul in creating a unique content. How much injustice would it be when emotionless, flat content is put in the same standard or get the similar feedback!

Avid readers can keep their eyes open to look for some crucial points to determine AI written content and hence pick up the exclusive amidst of mediocracy!

5. A board full of flat text

Text generators generate a trail of long sentences and paragraphs. This thread of words are also good enough till you read a human writer. The bag full of words released by AI writer lacks human passion and human sensitivity to readers emotions, The texts are generally robotic in nature. They are rigid and dry in nature in the world craving for passion and feelings. Readers may start casually but find it difficult to reach the end .

4. Inconsistent usage of spaces and punctuation

AI assistants use punctuation in inappropriate places and also lacking consistency simultaneously. Readers should watch out for unnecessary spacing and punctuation at least in 3 places. If these signs are found then AI written content is spotted!

3. Common phrases used by AI repetitively

  1. “In this blog post, we will discuss…”
  2. “To begin with…”
  3. “Let’s take a look at…”
  4. “Here are some tips on how to…”
  5. “Here are some examples of…”
  6. “In conclusion,…”
  7. “It is important to note that…”
  8. “There are a few things to keep in mind…”
  9. “For more information, please visit…”
  10. “Thank you for reading!”

2. These are phrases AI copied from us and are use it naturally by itself!

AI copied its expressions, way of communications and conducting speeches everything from us and simultaneously using these against us!
Repetition of these phrases and adding nothing natural in the text make the text monotonous and readers feels like being in a closed box without fresh air.

1. AI generators are hallucinators and liars

AI written texts are full of hallucinations and lies. It lacks human insights and wisdom. AI texts. AI generators always stays rational rathe than being specific. They are vague and sometimes seems to be irrelevant in proving a point. They distort the facts in some cases.

In early stages everything was very hazy that how much would AI will be advance. What impact it will be going to have on technology. It is becoming very crucial to detect AI writings. Human editors and researchers are playing a great role in this case. They spot it instantly just by reading a piece of content at a glance.

On the other hand AI writers empowers human and strengthens them while enhancing their productivity. But still readers demand for human writing is increasing more and more.

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