May 23, 2024
Shaquille O'Neal

Shaquille O’Neal is an American former professional basketball player who is a sports analyst on the tv show ‘Inside the NBA’. He played for six team over his 19 year career in the NBA and he is four time NBA Champion.

Shaquille regarded as one of the greatest Player and centres of his era. His net worth in 2023 is estimated around 400 million. He earned this amount from his NBA contracts and from his new business endeavours and a multiyear television deal with Warner Bros.

Real Life Experience Speaks

Shaquille O’Neal learned some life lessons during his time as athlete. Now he can advice other NBA athletes as he is now financially wiser and in a position with some life time experiences.

He recently became talk of the town when he commented on Anthony Davis regarding his recent contract with the Lakers. Shaquille wants him to stay smart that’s why he gave him a reality check. As Anthony Davis signed a contract with the Los Angeles Lakers that will give him 186 million dollar in three years.

Back in 1996 Lakers singed Shaquille O’Neal for 120 million. Recently on an podcast he said” It’s look good on paper. He’s about to get 60 million per year_ _ not in that State “

O’Neal warned Anthony about state taxes, athlete taxes, FICA and so much more that will make, “50 % of that money poof… gone” “same thing happened to me” he added as he was unaware about the tax laws differ by state.

“I used to get all my my checks upfront, cause I like cash. ” Because of the policy’s his paychecks were halved by taxes. So he told all the athletes that they should learn financial literacy. He had to pay athlete tax ( jock tax) even when he was injured.

Why Always Hard on Anthony

Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal are the toughest critics Anthony Davis could have. And Shaquille has been hard on Anthony Davis for a long time now. He even mocked AD for his injuries by implying AD is made of paper.

As he has his fare share of injuries while still on roster. But they are saying otherwise as they are keeping the spark of hope in him alive, as AD has not reached his full potential in recent seasons.

Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis

As Shaquille says “we stay on Anthony Davis because we know what he is capable of. In new Orleans, three, four,five years ago, he was putting up big numbers. We all were saying, ‘this is the Anthony Davis we want to see.’ we haven’t seen that. That’s why we stay on him. Because we know he can do it.” It’s kind of turning criticism into motivation.

Shaquille is going to do this until AD is up to his standards and he has a massive platform where many hear him out and influenced by his statements. O’Neal also laid down his desires for an ownership stake in NBA.

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