May 23, 2024
Sean Strickland

Sean Strickland

UFC 297 is drawing near. The main card/main event is going to be held between Sean Strickland and Dricus Du Plessis. The two fighters faced off at a press conference on Thursday, where they were seen ready to fight each other, especially Sean’s attitude, which was a bit more aggressive. Fight promotion is very important for the UFC. This time, Sean’s recent promo action on Plessis was something that already drew fans attention.

The more heated promotion a fight can bring, the more hype for the fight is created. UFC 296 witnessed fight between Leon Edwards and Colby Covington. The fight was a big one, and both fighters gave their fans hope. However, T-Mobile Arena gets bruised with not only the UFC 296 main event but also with altercations following brutal Sean’s move on Du Plessis.

Sean Strickland’s Dricus Du Plessis incident sparks

The action happened suddenly. Nobody initially thought that Sean would jump over Plessis in such a way and get him under his hand. The UFC 296 main event between Leon and Covington was the main attraction, though. Amid, who knew, Sean would grab the attention more. He eventually couldn’t control his wrath and showed his anger toward Plessis.

Sean came to the spot and Du Plessis, who was behind his seat, was seen having words exchanged between them. There might be some personal words exchanged. Sean instantly didn’t give a second thought and asked Gilbert Burns family to move. He then started off the octagon match against Du Plessis.

The UFC security team and president Dana White himself rushed to the spot and broke the altercation. Alexander Volkanovski was seen behind them to witness the fight between them.

Sean Strickland is flooding with mixed remarks on social media

The marketing is critical for each fight. Hopefully, the promotion is good because of the intense activity between the two competitors. According to one, the promotional video is something that is really crazy. He added, “The promo video for this fight is gonna be crazy”.

January is where the real fight will happen. We have to wait a few days to see their wrath in the octagon and decide who wins in the end. Someone said Sean would lose the fight. He stated, “thanks for the video, Sean will lose in Jan”.

If Strickland were to act, he might win some awards. Fighters sometimes have to do this as they need the attention for the bout from the public. Another person added, “Strickland, a class act, made sure Burns’ family had a good view before unleashing his fury on Dricus”.

Leon Edwards once again demonstrated his value and skill in the octagon. Leon became victorious over Covington through unanimous decision. Leon attempted to submit twice, whereas Covington was unable to make any submission attempts. Now is the moment for Sean and Plessis to demonstrate to their audience which one is the true champion.

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