May 23, 2024
Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

On Jan. 20, 2022, it was announced that an anime series called ‘Scott Pilgrim Takes Off’ is set to adapt the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels for Netflix. Fans were giddy with anticipation ever since the first trailer was released in August.

Dropped on Netflix on Nov. 17. What makes this such a remarkable and innovative adaptation of a well-known work is further enhanced by the lively and energetic music, which complements the Science Saru animation. Japanese animation house Science Saru created the series, allowing Scott Pilgrim to travel to genuinely unexpected places with its unrestricted creativity, new perspective, and visual variety.

Bryan Lee O’Malley creator of Scott Pilgrim, made a magical world with music, drama, and adventure. The anime featured songs like “Breathless” by X, “What’s a Girl to Do” by Cristina, “You Wouldn’t Like Me” by Tegan and Sara, “United States of Whatever” by Liam Lynch, and many more.

Cartoonist O’Malley, who is also the executive producer of Scott Pilgrim said “The music is pretty eclectic compared to the movie”, referring to the live-action movie of 2010, “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World”.

The Netflix adaptation takes a totally different turn compared to Edgar Wright’s film Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, the movie was an exact replica of the graphic novels, While ‘Scott Pilgrim Takes Off’ is different and is an entirely original tale.

The voice cast of the film included many well-known actors as; Michael Cera, Chris Evans, Brie Larson, Allison Pill, Aubrey Plaza, Kieran Culkin, Ellen Wong, and many more who are back for this new series.

‘Scott Pilgrim Takes Off’ Soundtrack and more

Every episode features a blend of original music by Joseph Trapanese and Anamanaguchi, with drops of well-known songs, and songs from the original film.

“It’s a very lonely process scoring a film by yourself — the whole world is on your shoulders,” adds Trapanese. “This is a great way to spread that weight among several different creative people”, he further adds that he challenging aspect was how to manipulate the audience’s perception through action scenes and that too without ruining the experience. The composer further remarks “One four-minute action sequence might have three or five — or in one case, probably six or seven — different musical styles, that we’d have to spend a lot of time working with Abel and Bryan and BenDavid to understand where the spotting was going to be, where each musical style was going to go, how to produce that musical style.”

Joseph Trapanese explained that as he has a background in classical music, he would mostly focus on the orchestral side of things, whereas Anamanaguchi might focus more on the song-and-bit side. Later however they would all be trying to figure out how to reassemble the puzzle and make sure everything made sense.

Music like “Subspace”, “Waiting for the DVD”, “Meeting Ramona”, “Ramona’s Apartment”, “Fond Memories” and many more were produced by Anamanaguchi and Joseph Trapanese

Thus, Netflix’s Scott Pilgrim TV series is full-on entertainment and a delicacy that fans will truly enjoy, the action-adventure, fantasy, romantic comedy has the potential to make it to the top list of the greatest Netflix series.

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