May 23, 2024
Scott Hanson and the NFL Redzone Team Urgently Evacuated from Studio due to False Alarm

The NFL studio in Inglewood, California, had to experience an emergency evacuation. During the NFL RedZone coverage on Sunday, an alarm took an unexpected turn. All those within the building believed there was a fire. And Scott Hanson was the saviour.

Scott Hanson is the show’s seasoned host. And he faced an unusual challenge when the alarm disrupted the broadcast. This happened with less than 10 minutes remaining in the Buffalo Bills-Philadelphia Eagles game.

Scott Hanson described the situation to the viewers as “unprecedented.” 

 Moreover, he encouraged everyone to stay calm. 

Although it was obvious that evacuation was necessary, it needed to be clarified precisely what kind of emergency there was. Hanson reassured the audience that the team adhered to protocol despite a sudden interruption.

Hanson was alone in the studio during the continuous alarm. He updated the audience while repeating the team’s expert dedication to managing the crisis. An automated voice added another level of surrealism that made the live broadcast even more unpredictable.

A short while later, the alert was turned off, and everyone was given the all-clear. Hanson returned to the broadcast, slipping in a thought-provoking allusion to an old Chinese saying about “interesting times.” 

He expressed gratitude for the audience’s comprehension and realized the event’s uniqueness.

Subsequently, on social media, Hanson confirmed the incident as a false alarm. He extended gratitude for the viewers’ patience. 

NFL Media clarified that no critical operations, including NFL RedZone, experienced disruption during the unexpected hiatus.

This unanticipated studio evacuation injected an element of surprise into the typically seamless NFL RedZone coverage. The incident caused a brief pause but ended without any major problems, leaving viewers with a memorable memory from Week 12.

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