May 24, 2024
Russell Simmons

Russell Simmons, co-founder of hip-hop label Def Jam Recordings, was recently blamed by his daughters after Father’s Day. This American media personality and writer, on the contrary, showed never-ending love for the family on social media.

The serious allegations were brought by the ex-wife, Kimora Lee Simmons, and by the children. Kimora was emphasizing that Russell Simmons was making them scared by saying life-threatening words to the family.

What did Russell Simmons really do to the family?

Alleged allegations were brought against him. His daughters and the ex-wife shared their pain on social media, which they were getting from the father continuously. His wife was saying that this man should leave my kids alone. The allegations said that he used to verbally abuse the children. One of the children shared it on social media.

The co-founder was previously accused of alleged sexual felony. It was not about only one woman; rather, several women brought sexual assault allegations against him.

What did Russell Simmons say to the family?

Russell, on the other hand, shared in a post that he is the man who loves the kids a lot. He added,”I love you guys more than I love myself.” Father’s Day revealed the inside story. Daughters and mother are really fed up with this man. Although nothing was found in the reply to Russell’s post by the kids.

Russell might not have thought that his children would make such allegations. People commented that obviously he did some abusive things to the family, and that’s why the family is fed up with him.

What the kids and the mom accused Simmons of

All started showing and sharing proof of mistreatment by family members in the social media posts. Kimora Lee Simmons was very unhappy and frustrated. She added,” No one should live like this. No one’s child This is abuse.”

The daughter, named Aoki, also showed her anger, and she was found to be the victim of her father’s verbal abuse. She added in a text,”You were putting so much anger and rage on me every phone call. Cursing screaming and God knows what else.”

Was the abuse because of the frustration?

After all, he is a father. He said on Instagram that he was sorry about the previous incident. He then begged pardon. Many people are thinking that he understood his fault, and most probably he did all these things out of frustration.

He added,”God is testing you a little bit, it’s ok, be strong. . . they are called growing pains . . . as you know, we grow through adversity and struggle.” A father at last puts his fault on himself; that’s the main thing a family should expect.

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