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If you watch Hollywood movies and TV series, you might think that a female vampire is a beautiful woman with two big teeth. Her mission is to lure men into love traps and suck their blood. They only come out at night, hiding during the day because vampires can’t stand the sun’s rays during the day.
Thus the representation of vampires has an ancient, historical history.

Let’s know that history

Ancient Mesopotamian civilization believed in vampires 4000 years ago. In Jewish mythology there is a character called ‘Lilith’. And she is called the mother of evil, that is, all evil forces come from the womb of Lilith.
Lilith disguised herself as a beautiful woman and entered men’s houses at night and made love to them. But the terrible reality was that no man survived after copulation with Lilith. Lilith used to drink men’s blood during intercourse and become pregnant. And give birth to evil creatures.

Vampires also exist in Greek mythology. In ancient Greece it was believed that Lamia, the daughter of King Belus, was the secret lover of the god Zeus. When the goddess ‘Hera, Zeus’ wife found out about Lamia, she killed all of Lamia’s children in revenge. As a result, Lamia became a vampire. And at night, children started bleeding.

In medieval Europe, vampires were strongly believed to return to life after death. The bodies were discarded along with the hearts to prevent the deceased from returning as vampires.

At that time, many girls in different European countries were killed on suspicion of being witches or vampires. In 2005, excavations of a 16th-century grave near Venice revealed the remains of a woman gagged with bricks. Many corpses have been found in Europe with their hands tied in chains, their throats cut with iron scissors. It is believed that they were killed as vampires.

The first book about vampires was written by ‘John Polidori’ in 1819 called ‘Vampire’. Later in 1819 ‘Bram Stoker’ wrote the most popular novel ‘Dracula’. The vampire character became more popular after this novel was published. People got curious about it and it spread.

Since 2000, movies and TV series about vampires have been regularly produced. Some notable and popular movies are:
Twilight, Under World, Van Helsing, True Blood, The originals, The Vampire Diaries, etc.

Now let’s come to the real existence of vampires

Were there really vampires in the world or are there still..?

The answer is no. Because there is no actual creature called a vampire, there is no evidence of even a female character who is vampire. Everything is historical and fictional.
This character has become so ingrained in folklore that many still believe vampires existed and still do.

But in reality. there is a species of bat that bears a striking resemblance to a vampire. They are called vampire bats. During the day, bats of this species hide in caves, hollow trees, old houses as they cannot tolerate sunlight. These bats suck the blood of animals and even attack humans when given the opportunity. These vampire bats are found in the forests of Central and South America.

These bats suck the blood of animals and even attack humans when given the opportunity. These vampire bats are primarily found in the forests of Central and South America.

Although the vampire does not exist in reality, it is still a mysterious character in the world, whose fictional interpretation is so strong that people are interested in knowing more about vampires.

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