May 23, 2024

Max Verstappen

The Spanish Grand Prix 2023 happens over 66 laps of 4.657 kilometers. It’s called the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. This grand event will be held between June 2 and 4, 2023. Red Bull driver Max Verstappen remains a hot favorite in every grand prix. Fans are excited to see that this monster racer has become the fastest in all three sessions of this weekend’s grand prix.

Rain subsequently disturbed the practice session and let the fans remain in doubt that this shower might affect the race. Max Verstappen, on the other hand, tackled the rain and snatched the top position, leaving Sergio Perez brutally behind.

Mercedes Lewis Hamilton became the third quickest, Ferrari was fourth, and Aston Martin was fifth. The rain was very challenging for the drivers because they had to be careful about their laps at the start.

Why couldn’t rain affect Max Verstappen’s ability to become the fastest?

Max Verstappen’s driving ability in the wet is not new to the F1 world. It may be a trick for him to look at the path that has no tyre marks. It may be that some sort of friction-less thing affects the speed of the vehicles. Max Verstappen, a smart driver, shows his subtle intelligence in this situation.

Verstappen showed his charisma several days ago at the Monaco Grand Prix, where he led by 39 points and eventually avoided rain. Though Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher have both won 36 percent of their competition in rain, Max Verstappen shows no less competitiveness than them.

What is the forecast for rain more in this qualifying round?

Rain has been forecast, which may occur at 4 p.m. local time. The rain may persist and affect the region. Spectators are excited to see their favorite drivers in the top position. Max seems to be the one mostly snatching this Grand Prix win.

Leave us your thoughts about your favorite driver, and who do you think will win the final round?

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