May 24, 2024
Pound-For-Pound Boxers

Boxing is considered one of the greatest sports in history. Boxers are the true definition of sheer determination, hard work and consistency with an impenetrable mindset which sets them apart from other athletes.

There are many great boxers in the world of boxing. In boxing, body weight plays a major role when it comes to fighting with other boxers. There are 17 different weight classes and each of them has respective fighters who are the best.

It would be a crime to compare boxers and label someone as the best. Consequently, in the late 20th century, a term was introduced in boxing known as “Pound for Pound”. With the help of this, the boxers are ranked based on their overall skills rather than their weight classes. A Pound for Pound champion is also considered the best boxer in the boxing world.

Renowned organizations like ESPN, The Ring Magazine, Bleacher Report, Independent publish Pound for Pound each year, depending on the boxer’s abilities, skills, knockout ratio, fighting records.

These rankings are subjective and based on the analysis of each of the different organizations. But this still provides a comparison to identify the best boxers from different weight classes all-around the competition.

1. Terence Crawford (Welterweight)

  • Record: 39–0
  • Weight Class: 147 pounds
  • Major Titles Held: WBO

Terence Crawford has a pristine record of 39 fights in his 15 years boxing career. His unique switch-hitter style and the killer instinct in-ring helped him stay the welterweight title winner since 2018.

2. Errol Spence Jr. (Welterweight)

  • Record: 28–0
  • Weight Class: 147 pounds
  • Major Titles Held: IBF, WBA, WBC

Errol Spence Jr. is another great contender in the same weight category of Crawford. He has defended his title 6 times and is known as one the most elite boxers. The 33-year-old is facing the 35-year-old Terence on July 29 in Las Vegas.

3. Naoya Inoue (Bantamweight)

  • Record: 24–0
  • Weight Class: 122 pounds
  • Major Titles Held: None

This 30-year-old Japanese star is one of the best boxers. He is labeled as a “Monster” for
his ruthlessness. He continues to chase opportunities to prove himself.

4. Oleksandr Usyk (Heavyweight)

  • Record: 20–0
  • Weight Class: Heavyweight
  • Major Titles Held: IBF, WBA, WBO , IBO

This 36-year-old Ukranian moved to heavyweight from being an undisputed cruiserweight champion. He is considered as the most technical and brutal boxer ever.

5. Cancelo Alvarez (Super Middleweight)

  • Record: 58-2-2
  • Weight Class: 168 pounds
  • Major Titles Held: IBF, WBA, WBC, WBO

This 32-year-old Mexican superstar has been crowned with some great achievements. He is the first ever undisputed super-middleweight champion. He has the most perfect comeback story in the boxing world.

These 5 boxers are the top pound for pound boxers in 2023. Stay tuned for more updates like this.

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