Ranking the 5 greatest UFC fighters of all time

5 greatest UFC Fighters

Over the years, UFC has established itself as one of the most thrilling sporting events. Just like boxing, it has seen its fair share of great fighters who captivated audiences around the world with their skill and athleticism. And this led to an endless debate among the fans on who’s the GOAT  in the history of UFC.

While it’s difficult to narrow down the list, in this article, we’ve ranked up the 5 greatest UFC fighters of all time, based on their skills, records, and their impact on the sport.

1. Anderson “The Spider” Silva

Unstoppable in his prime, the Brazilian still holds the record for the longest title reign in the history of UFC. Set to enter the UFC Hall of Fame in July 2023, Silva bagged 16 consecutive victories and defended his middleweight championship for a total of 10 times. His victories over noteworthy fighters like Rich Franklin, Vitor Belfort, and Chael Sonnen cemented him as an icon in the history of MMA.

Longest Title Reign2,457 days (6 years, 246 days) as Middleweight Champion
Most Consecutive Title Defenses10
Most Knockdowns in UFC History18
Most Knockouts in UFC History11
Most Wins in UFC Title Fights13

2. Georges St-Pierre

Often considered as one of the most well-rounded fighters in the history of UFC, the Canadian-born GSP dominated the welterweight division for years. With a winning streak of 13 consequitive fights and 9 back to back title defenses, he still holds the record for most takedowns. GSP is the fourth fighter in the hitory of UFC to bag the two-divison champion title.

Most Welterweight Title Wins12 (tied with Matt Hughes)
Most Consecutive Title Defenses9
Longest Welterweight Title Reign2,064 days (5 years, 234 days) as Welterweight Champion
Most Wins in UFC Title Fights13
Takedowns Landed90

3. Jon “Bones” Jones

Jones dominated the Light Heavyweight division from 2011 to 2020, during which, with his wide range of techniques, he dismantled legends like Rampage Jackson, Lyoto Machida, and Daniel Cormier. With 11 title defenses, Jones is still regarded as the best light hevyweight of all time. Even after all his off-octagon controversies, his comeback in 2023 as the heavyweight champion further cemented him as one of the GOATs of the sport.

Longest Uninterrupted Title Reign2,204 days (6 years, 38 days) as Light Heavyweight Champion
Most Light Heavyweight Title Wins14
Most Consecutive Light Heavyweight Title Defenses11
Most Wins in UFC Light Heavyweight History20
Most Finishes in UFC Light Heavyweight History10

4. Demetrious Johnson

Often regarded as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world, Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson’s accomplishments easily puts him at the top. After being the first UFC flyweight champion in

2012, Johnson defended his belt for an impressive 11 times. And even though he was dethroned back in 2018, Johnson is still the best flyweight in the history of UFC.

Most Consecutive Flyweight Title Defenses11
Most Flyweight Title Wins11
Most Wins in UFC Flyweight History13
Most Significant Strikes Landed in Flyweight History1,645
Most Takedowns in Flyweight History34

5. Khabib “The Eagle” Nurmagomedov

With 29 wins and no loss, Khabib retired as the undefeated king of the ligheweight division. He held the title from 2018 to 2021, which makes him the longest holder of the UFC Lightweight Champion ever. Khabib, one of the greatest mixed martial artists, entered the UFC Hall of Fame in 2022.

Total UFC Fights29 (all wins)
Undefeated Record29-0
Most Consecutive Wins in UFC Lightweight13
Most Takedowns in a Single UFC Fight21 (against Abel Trujillo)
Submission Wins8

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