May 24, 2024
Psychology of design

Psychology of design

Whether you are designing a website or an electronic device or anything in between. Your audience will benefit from it and will be impacted by how much you can connect with them. How do they decide? What do they think? What motivates them? These are questions that must be answered before you start to design. Here are some tips for designers prepared keeping the psychology of design in mind.

5. Learn the meaning of colors to understand the psychology of design.

Colors have meanings and associates. Different color means different things to subgroups. If people are designing for people in different parts of the world then they also have to consider the colour meanings in other cultures. For example, to an accountant or financial person red is a bad thing. It means they are losing money.

4. People’s mood influences their decision-making according to the psychology of design

Some people tend to make decisions intuitively and others deliberately make decisions. People can influence someone’s decision easily with just a video clip. People in a good mood will rate the product as being more valuable if they are asked to make the decision quickly based on their first feelings. If you can influence someone’s mood you can easily suggest to them how to think about their decision-making process. This will result in a higher estimation of the value of a product or service.

3. People are influenced by a dominant personality

In a group, the decision is often made by a dominant personality. If you design in a group, be careful of following the first solution because it’s first. If you have group meetings have each member of the group write down ideas ahead of time and circulate those ideas before the meeting.

2. People communicate with conceptual models as the psychology of design

The secret to designing an intuitive user experience is making sure that the conceptual model of your product matches, as much as possible, the mental models of your audience. If you got that right, you would have created a positive and useful experience. If you have a brand new product that you know will not match anyone’s mental model. you will need to provide training to prepare people to create a new mental model.

1. Best way that people process information is in a story form

Stories are the natural way that people process information. Use a story if you want to make a casual leap. Stories aren’t just for fun. No matter how dry you think your information is, using stories will make it understandable, interesting, and memorable.

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