May 17, 2024
Novak Djokovic

The Serbian superstar was thought to be the winner of the 2023 Grand Slam. He eventually made it. The tennis giant defeated Casper Ruud, who is Norwegian, and finally made history. It was an equal number of Grand Slam wins for Djokovic and Nadal; the number was 22 for each of them. This becomes the highest number made by the Serbian star.

Djokovic won 7-6 (1), 6-3, and 7-5 against Casper Ruud. He definitely showed in his performance who he was. This star has touched everything. His intention and goal were to win the most Grand Slams, and he finally made it. Now he doesn’t find any competition ahead of him like it was before to break the record.

The Serbian star’s bold statement after the victory

The highest Grand Slam winning star added, “I knew that going into the tournament, going into the match, especially today, that there is history on the line, but I try to focus my attention and my thoughts into preparing for this match in the best way possible to win, like any other match.” He also says, “Pretty decent 12 years, I must say, for me.”

This tennis giant is now 36 years old. We all know about him: he won 10 trophies at the Australian Open. He also won 7 trophies at Wimbledon and 3 trophies at the U.S. Open. All the fans know about him: he couldn’t play at the Australian Open because he didn’t get vaccinated in 2021.

Djokovic on Clay Court

Rafael Nadal was, in a word, very good on the clay court. Djokovic has proved that he is beyond everything. On this occasion of the victory of the Serbian Star, Nadal tweeted, “Many congrats on this amazing achievement. 23 is a number that just a few years back was (impossible) to think about, and you made it!”

What a performance by the legend Djokovic! In the semifinal, he defeated Carlos Alcaraz; that match was pretty hectic for both players. Prior to the final match, Ruud said to the media that he was feeling a little bit nervous as his opponent is the Serbian superstar.

Getting back to the celebration, Novak celebrated uniquely after winning the final. He will be counted as the star who made history as the oldest. The opponent Ruud said about the Serbian star, “Either he plays ridiculous defense or he plays beautiful winners. Just doesn’t do any mistakes.”

Novak Djokovic’s name will be written in history. He is now counted as the No. 1 player in singles by the Association of Tennis Professionals. He will remain in the hearts of millions of fans. Serbians are really proud that they have such a superstar.

What Roland Garros has witnessed this time has never been witnessed before. Hail to Roland Garros for having the No. 1 legend of tennis.

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