May 24, 2024
picture of nipah virus

The Nipah Virus has already spread like an outbreak in the northern part of India. India’s northern state of Kerala has already shut down crowded places like schools, colleges, offices, and shopping malls amid the devastating outbreak.

This is the fourth outbreak of the Nipah virus in Kerala, where two people have died because of the virus since 2023. More than 130 people have tested positive for the virus, and 21 people have died since the 2018 outbreak of the Nipah virus in India.

Recently, ABC News shared the news of a new outbreak of the Nipah Virus on their X post.

Some people are scared and some already know what is coming. “13 other attempts to scare didn’t work, here’s number 14.” said an X user. This is not the first time India has faced a Nipah Virus outbreak, especially in the Kerala state. If we look closely and investigate, we can easily find out why Nipah virus is outbreaking the Kerala state.

Is The Growing Bat Population Causing Nipah Virus Outbreak?

Recent studies show that human exposure to bats, monkeys, and rodents is the main cause of the Nipah virus outbreak. Two South Asian countries, Bangladesh and India, are the hotspot zones of the Nipah Virus.

.The natural reservoir of Nipah was shown to be Pteropid fruit bats, also known as flying foxes. Other animals, such as monkeys and rodents, are also the primary cause of the devastating Nipah Virus. In Kerala, many temples have too many monkeys roaming around, as they show respect to the monkeys. In most areas in Kerala, people share their food with monkeys and rats.

Not only that, another article from Business Standard stated that many people in Kerala love to drink fresh toddy or sweet tree sap. The bat’s saliva can be in the tree sap, which is the number one cause of Nipah virus outbreak in Kerala. Half-eaten fruits from animals are dangerous because they also carry the Nipah virus.

where people in America and the UK are dealing with the new COVID variant, people in Kerala are devastated because of the Nipah Virus. The world is getting sick again, and people are dying everywhere.

No Vaccines have been launched yet for Nipah Virus Outbreak

There are no vaccines for the Nipah virus even though people are dying from the outbreak. People are questioning,” When does the vaccine come out?” and scientists are still discovering the ultimate solution for the Nipah virus.

In 2022, a study said “NIH launches clinical trial of mRNA Nipah virus vaccine

According to NIAID Director Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., “Nipah virus poses a significant pandemic threat because it mutates relatively easily, causes disease in a wide range of mammals, can transmit from person to person, and kills a large percentage of the people it infects.” A preventive Nipah virus vaccination is urgently needed.

It means the vaccine for the Nipah Virus Outbreak has not come to the market yet. All we can do is stay cautious, do not eat half-eaten fruits, and avoid fresh toddy.

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