May 23, 2024
Missing Submarine

In a water depth of nearly 13000 feet, it is quite tough to carry out a rescue operation. The US Coast Guard kept on doing its mission. The incident happened on Sunday. A submarine was missing in the North Atlantic Ocean. Reportedly, five people are missing. They went on an expedition to learn and gather more information about the Titanic from the wreckage.

People on social media are commenting on this matter as hell as it is. Some are thinking that there is no hope that they are still alive. Some are saying that the possibility of remaining alive is very low.

What does the US Coast Guard think about the rescue operation?

Rear Admiral John Mauger of the US Coast Guard told the press in a briefing that the submersible vessel was carrying five people. They were notified by the operator that the vessel was delayed.

The vessel was designed in such a way that it can provide support and sustain itself for 96 hours if there is an emergency. The operator told them that they were losing that time. It gets difficult for them in that situation to handle it.

Location of the search and rescue operations

According to the US Coast Guard, the location of the rescue operation will be almost 900 miles east of Cape Cod. That remote area is not favorable for smooth search and rescue operations. Another thing mentioned by the coast guard is that the depth of the water is very high, and it seems very difficult for them to conduct the whole thing properly.

It is very challenging. The authority is giving hope to the people by saying that they are trying very hard to locate the craft and save the lives of the people on board.

What was the actual scenario for the vessel that submerged?

The vessel lost contact with the ship almost 1 hour and 45 minutes after diving into the water. People came to know about the company that owns the vessel. The OceanGate Expeditions said that they are trying every possible way to bring the members of the vessel back to safety.

It added, “Our entire focus is on the crewmembers in the submersible and their families.” The company also gave thanks to the government agencies and other shipping companies for providing assistance to them.

People’s reaction to the lost vessel 

Some are mocking the fact that the experience was pretty authentic. Some expressed the feeling that the time of the communication loss was not known at all. One person added, “Seems pretty hopeless — I think they’re goners.”

People also stated that it was more than a horror story that a vessel inside the ocean was gone. It’s a pretty bad experience that some people are experiencing as their dreams come true, and the full titanic experience they got was full of nightmares.

A deep hope to the family members who are waiting for their beloved persons to get back alive, but the possibility has become very low.

Leave us your thoughts on what you think about the possibility of crew members getting back alive.

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