May 24, 2024
Paris Hilton faces backlash for running awkwardly down the runway for Mugler, "Leave modeling to the models," people scoffed.

Paris Hilton faces backlash for running awkwardly down the runway for Mugler, "Leave modeling to the models," people scoffed.

Paris Hilton appeared on the Mugler runway during Paris Fashion Week and drew a flurry of attention, but not all of it was positive. Critics took to social media to playfully mock her unconventional walk, likening it to a ‘chicken’ walk.

Hilton confidently donned a daring black mini dress paired with uniquely curved heels, which some believed might have contributed to her distinctive walking style.

Comments on various social media platforms varied from playful to perplexed. Some users found humor in her walk, with one commenting on X (formerly known as Twitter), “Idk, I’m kinda obsessed w how bizarre this walk is.” Others humorously compared it to their own infrequent high-heel experiences, saying, “That’s how I walk when I wear my heels once a year.”

One user said, “same energy.. please leave modeling to models,” giving a video of influencer Paige walking (well, running) on the runway.

However, amidst the hate, one fan came to Paris Hilton’s defense, emphasizing that her unique walk has been her signature style since the 90s and that she has no intention of conforming to conventional catwalk norms. They said, “She’s doing her walk. She’s been doing it since the 90s, and she’s never going to try to walk like a catwalk model because she is Paris Hilton.”

Paris Hilton, 42, wore an all-black ensemble with all of the brand’s signature motifs, from futuristic, pointed silhouettes to sharp cutouts, instead of her usual glitzy, Y2K-inspired look.

Not just Paris Hilton, Bassett, the renowned Black Panther actress, looked stunning in a sheer black midi dress with an extravagant train that trailed several feet behind her. Underneath the gown, she wore a black bodysuit featuring a deep V-neck and, in true Mugler style, several daring cutouts.

Despite the mixed reactions to her runway performance, Paris Hilton’s sister, Nicky Rothschild, showed her support by attending the show and sticking to the black-themed attire. The two sisters also made a striking appearance at the Chanel show, highlighting their uncanny resemblance and fashion-forward style as they showcased their slender figures.

The Mugler show featured an array of industry greats, including Irina Shayk, Helena Christensen, and Amber Valletta, who also graced the runway in this star-studded event. Shayk, aged 37, made a memorable entrance by wearing a blazer bodysuit with an extended train that she playfully flipped down mid-walk, as seen in footage shared by Dazed on TikTok.

So what do you think about Paris Hilton’s “catwalk”?

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