May 18, 2024
Nick Chubb

Cleveland Browns Running Back Nick Chubb, who was drafted in 2018 and played college football at Georgia, got injured severely. He was hurt in the left knee. After the incident, he was found by his teammates, who let their hands on him to get up, but he refused to stand.

The incident instantly created tension among Browns fans. The video of his injury is now being observed in slow motion, and what exactly was found is very horrible. Brian Sutterer, an expert doctor who has a YouTube channel, has shown the video clip in slow motion and tried to find out how bad the injury is.

Brian Sutterer on running back Nick Chubb’s injury

For Nick Chubb, it might be the season-ending injury and bad luck for the star that his possibility of coming back would be difficult. Fans on X, formerly known as Twitter, showed condolences for the star’s injury, with some even wishing that they hadn’t seen the incident.

As it’s a knee injury, the running back is thought to have ligament injuries, which may be like the torn of crucial ligaments. Brian Sutterer, who is an internet personality and a doctor who is affiliated with multiple hospitals, evaluated the injury properly.

According to his evaluation, he found that the grabbling of Chubb with his left hand on the knee seemed significant. He showed that Chubb’s left knee or leg was planted on the ground as tackled by one of the Steelers players, and another Steelers player came along and squared on the front of Chubb’s knee, thus forcing his knee into hyperextension.

The valgus load in his knee, according to the doctor, may have the potential for knee dislocation. He also emphasized that the ligaments might have been injured, and the worst might be that a couple of ligaments might have been completely torn.

How much will the Browns face difficulty without Nick Chubb?

It’s quite clearly evident that the absence of Chubb will have an impact on Brown’s team. Chubb was a strength for the Browns. The yards he gains could play a significant role for the team in the future.

The Browns offense needed running back Chubb after the departure of Kareem Hunt. Chubb had experience in this position. For a team to run smoothly, experience matters a lot. Jerome Ford, Pierre Strong Jr., and from the practice squad, Hassan Hall (a rookie), are there. None of them are as good as Chubb.

Now time will tell how the Browns adjust to the shortcomings of running back Nick Chubb. Leave us your thoughts on the brutal injury to Nick Chubb.

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