Neuroscientists discovered a new way for lifespan increase

Lifespan Increase

A new critical communication pathway connection between the brain and body’s fat tissue is found that can increase lifespan of living beings.

Washington University School of Medicine researchers conducted research using mice as subjects where they found out that the brain and fat tissues are connected in a feedback loop by a critical communication pathway that are related to the health problems. The loop damages itself naturally as time passes by and this continuous damage of the loop is responsible for the increasing health problems and is the cause of natural aging.

The researchers used genetic and molecular methods to program some of the mice to keep the communication pathway open after reaching a certain age. The other mice were independent, and the researchers let their loop damage naturally.

It is found that the genetically programmed mice were physically more active than the independent mice. Because the natural aging in independent mice remained continuous as the loop was gradually deteriorating, whereas the natural aging process of the programmed mice was slowed.

That means, by manipulating the communication pathway, it’s possible to slow down the aging process. In this way, beings will age at a slow pace and thus they will be able to live for a longer timeline.

Even though the research is conducted using mice as subjects, the same physical conditions are applicable for humans too. Since mice and humans both fall under the umbrella of mammals. For this reason, the research is considered to be significant research in the field of neuroscience related to lifespan increase.

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