May 24, 2024

Ceasefire now! If you are a social media user , it is one of the most used hashtags in recent times . The ongoing Israel- Hamas conflict has once again unveiled a heinous side of human civilization where civilians and innocent people have been used as scapegoats for achieving political interest of a handful powerful people . In this conflict, the paradoxical alliance between Netanyahu administration and Hamas have put thousands of innocent people’s live at stake for political gain.

According to the health ministry of Hamas-controlled Gaza, nearly 25,000  have been killed and 85 percent of the Gaza Strip’s population has been uprooted during the conflict.

Overview Of Benjamin Netanyahu & Hamas

The Israel-Palestine crisis dates back to hundred years of struggle . If we look into the recent conflict there are two opposing parties that come to our mind . Israel and Hamas .

Israel is one the top military equipped countries in the world . The current Prime Minister of the country is Benjamin Netanyahu , whose view is associated with a conservative and security-focused approach to Israeli politics. He  has supported illegal settlement in the West Bank. He is regarded as the main obstacle between peace talks in the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza . According to current reports , on 19 January ,2024 he has once again showed his unruly attitude by conveying opposition to the formation of a two state solution.

On the other side , we have Hamas ! The Palestinian militant group has been making headlines almost everyday following the attack of 7 October . Hamas is considered a terrorist organization by most of the Western powers . The group has been involved in armed conflicts with Israel and has launched numerous rocket attacks and suicide bombings.

Netanyahu’s Divide & Rule Policy

Hamas and Israel seem to be in opposition to each other in this conflict . But Israel’s strategy specially Netanyahu’s moves over the years , portrays a different scenario . Netanyahu has successfully applied divide and rule policy to gain his political motives .

Hamas and Palestinian authority ruling West Bank always shared different views in the path of Palestinian liberation movement . As a result ,the people of  Gaza strip and West Bank were far from being united . Netanyahu used this to create a bitter division between Palestinian people so that the demand of a free Palestinian state could never be fulfilled .

Paradoxical Alignment Between Hamas and Netanyahu

When Hamas won the election in Gaza , it was a major set back for Israel . But according to some leaked documents , Hamas is considered as an asset for Israel . This is where this paradoxical alignment between Hamas and Netanyahu come across .

As  long as Hamas had control over Gaza , Israel could treat Gaza as a hostile land and carry relentless bombing making it as an excuse for the security of Israel . Netanyahu would feel justified in imposing blockade over Gaza. In return, it gave Hamas legitimacy among the people of Gaza that their armed struggle is justified against the Israeli oppression . At least they are doing something unlike the Palestinian authority in the West Bank .

Whenever Hamas tried airstrike in Israeli territory , Israel portrayed it like that the Palestinian people do not want peace and they want violence . So the only solution is more aggression and more oppression . And Israeli force responded in an even more devastating way killings hundreds of innocent people .  This is the strategy used by right wing factions within the Israeli government for decades making Gaza as the biggest open sky prison in the world . And they have been successful in doing so .

Netanyahu’s View

Netanyahu’s view is very clear and that  is to stop Palestinian people to have a state anywhere in the conflicted borders , a complete assault on the Palestinian government . He sabotaged the peace accords that had been signed previously and allowed illegal settlements in the West Bank , dividing and slowly conquering Palestinian people .

The more he could keep Hamas control in Gaza but in a contained way , the more he could ensure that the Palestinians are divided . This kept peace talks out of question and in the mean time he continued his expansionist movement in the West Bank . Their anticipation was that the Palestinian spirit would wane and they would give up .The Palestinian dream of having a land of their own land would seem less feasible . But it did not happened as planned .

The unprecedented attack by Hamas on 7 October, 2023 put a question mark on Netanyahu’s security doctrine . The world witnessed how wrongheaded this security theory was . His theory backfired . Israeli people have been criticizing him for putting the security of Israel at stake and calling him a murderer . But he is determined . Netanyahu is continuing his military operation and he pledged to run this operation until the complete victory . It is an irony of fate that the main victims are none but the innocent people who have lost their home, their family and their right to live .

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