May 23, 2024
UFC Brutal Knockouts

In UFC history, the first six months of 2023 showed fans a thrilling and exciting finish. Knockouts have a special place in UFC fights. The audience’s emotions are attached to the ever-changing situations during bouts. While some people find it energizing and others find it gory, it always stirs real emotional reactions.

Let’s read out the most stunning knockouts in UFC 2023.

1. UFC Fight Night 217: Umar Nurmagomedov flattens Raoni Barcelos 

The bantamweight fight began with energetic kicks and punches at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas. Nurmagomedov’s primary offense consisted of front kicks and sharp head kicks, while Barcelos relied on punches to save himself. Nurmagomedov set the tone in the second half of the round, punching while avoiding two takedown attempts from Barcelos.

In the second round, the whole scenario of the fight changed. Nurmagomedov kicked Barcelos in the midsection and then delivered a left hook that got him square in the mouth and knocked him to the ground. After that, he delivered a few hammer fists to Barcelos, which made him unconscious.

2. UFC Vegas 217: Dan Ige defeated Damon Jackson

In this fight, Ige earned the performance of the night bonus. He has a powerful punch, and his brutal left hook flatten the opponent. Ige saw Jackson moving towards him and he suddenly dropped him right away. Then, Ige casually strutted away, and there was no further shots required. Jackson did not dodge the blow but came dangerously close to catastrophe. After collapsing, Jackson’s knees twisted in and his heels faced out. Thankfully, he could exit the Octagon using only his own two feet.

3. UFC 283: Ismael Bonfim beats Terrance McKinney

After his remarkable performance in contended series, Bonfim carried the same energy and momentum into his UFC debut bout.

In Round 1, Bonfim displayed fluid striking as he repeatedly tagged McKinney. McKinney showed himself strong and emerged victorious but was unable to summon much of an offensive effort. 

In Round 2, Bonfim continued to withdraw. During the fight he punched and knocked out McKinney’s mouthpiece. Following a punch, Bonfim jumped and delivered a switch knee that struck McKinney square in the chin. When McKinney lost his balance, he fell awkwardly and crashed into his neck.

4. UFC 283: Bruno Ferreira devastates Gregory Rodrigues

In UFC 283 Bruno Ferreira continued the theme of prelims where debut fighters try to grab the opportunity.

In round 1 of the middleweight bout, Ferreira knocked out Rodrigues with a devastating left hand, leading to stoppage. Ferreira’s brutal punch brought him to 10-0 and crowned him a successful UFC fighter.

5. UFC Fight NIght 218: Rinya Nakamura defeats Toshiomi Kazama

Rinya Nakamura of Japan delivers a brutal left hook to Toshiomi Kazama  in the first 30 seconds of the fight. Nakamura won the bantamweight “Road to UFC” series as a result of the swift KO.

Nakamura shared: “My plan was a knockout from leg strikes, but (it) just (wound up being) punching.”

6. UFC 284: Justin Tafa floors Parker Porter

On Saturday, Justin Tafa competed at UFC 284 in his native country, Australia, to score a significant victory in the biggest fight of his career on the main card.

Parker Porter tried to play the spoiler; however, “Bad Man” Tafa’s procession would not let it be spoiled.

Porter started the bout in an orthodox position while Tafa took his typical southpaw stance. Early on, Porter moved forward, and they traded blows in the pocket a couple of times. Parker The first minute of the fight appeared to favor Porter in terms of the exchanges, but just as the second minute got started, Justin Tafa landed a completely insane straight left hand while backstepping. Porter was knocked out by a right punch that came after that. Tafa merely stood there looking down at his opponent before doing a little dance and leaving without even bending down to consider follow-up shots.

7. UFC 287: Rob Font blasts Adrian Yanez 

The fight expected to be the Kaseya Center’s Fight of the Night, have lived up to the expectations upto the time it lasted. Prior to Font’s final burst, Yanez scored some devastating shots. Font’s face began to swell after a few exchanges, but he persisted in moving ahead.

Yanez was knocked to the floor by a counterhand. Font pounced with hammer fists to Yenez and finished the fight. The fight lasted for three minutes.

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