Mark Cuban slam dunks massive return as majority stake in Mavericks sells for $3.5 billion, soaring from $285 million investment in 2000

Mark Cuban

Billionaires sometimes give some surprises to their community, family, and fans. Mark Cuban is also a billionaire, and there is no doubt about it. He has multidimensional activities to do in his life. When it comes to who is the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, the name Mark Cuban comes quickly. The money giant who bought Mavericks many years ago has shocked everyone, as he is now in everyone’s talk about selling the majority stakes of the franchise.

Mark Cuban, who has many different identifications like businessman, television personality, film producer, and investor, caught attention with his recent move. It’s now not unknown that the billionaire is selling Maverick’s share to another billionaire, Miriam Adelson. Mark bought Mavericks back in the year 2000. A huge success for him!

Mark Cuban selling Mavericks shares to Miriam Adelson

The story of Mavericks ownership by Mark Cuban started back in 2000. The businessman bought the franchise for $285 million. After almost 23 years and standing in 2023, the television personality took his move and sold the majority stakes to Miriam Adelson for $3.5 billion. This is called his success in business.

Someone may think he is leaving everything regarding Mavericks but in reality, he is not. He keeps full control of basketball operations for the team. Miriam Adelson, who bought the share, is a physician by profession who treats patients with addictions. She is also known for being a casino billionaire.

Adelson sold her stock and it was sourced that she did this only to buy the stakes of Mavericks. It’s nothing astonishing for her to buy this, as she is counted as one of the richest people in the world.

On the other hand Mark Cuban’s decision is getting huge accolades from the public on social media. Some are remarking that he has made a major profit. Now a days, basketball has become all about money, as one said.

Evaluating people’s comments regarding Mark Cuban’s move

It was previously confirmed that Miriam Adelson would pay $2 billion in stock to acquire Mavericks. Mark’s decision and Miriam’s buying are getting a mixture of both positive and negative reactions. Mavericks is one of the most valuable franchises in the NBA. The new ownership, along with Mark, may bring some drastic, magical positive change for the whole franchise.

Cuban is flooding with comments on social media and it’s quite expected. Always, a billionaire move draws huge attention from the general public.

One person in the X, formerly known as Twitter, has described this as century’s most audacious business decision. He added,” Business move of the century.”

“Congratulations to Mark Cuban on a monumental sale! His success and strategic business moves are inspiring”, Said another lady.

Though it is clear and transparent that the giant businessman has done and brought a huge amount into his bag by selling shares, a question always remains in the depths: why is he selling it? Another person has identified the same and cast doubt on it.

He remarked, “Why did you sell it? Maybe there was a problem with the team”. Apparantly, it seems everything is okay, but if there is anything that really made him want to sell, it may come to light with the passage of time.

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