May 17, 2024
Suicide Rate

Men tend to be more suicidal than women

World Health Organization (WHO) recently published a newer dataset consisting of the suicide rate in countries worldwide. The dataset contains the suicide statistics of 179 countries including the records of 2023.

According to their data, 14 people in 2000 around the world dies by suicide. The ratio of male and female suicidal rate is 2.3, where male holds 12.6 and female holds 5.4 percent.

Moreover, there is a significant mean difference between the male and female suicide rate worldwide. On average, the rate for male is 14.78%, while for females it is only 4.29%.

In Russia, 48.9% of 2000 people suicide, and this is the highest among the other countries. Russia is followed by Botswana, where 46.3% per 2000 people suicide. After Russia and Botswana, Lithuania holds the position of third place where the rate is 45.8%.

In three of these countries, the number of male suicidal rate is significantly higher than the rate of women. For example, the male suicidal rate is 5.3 times higher than the women’s rate in Russia. In Botswana and Lithuania, the rate of male is 4.6 times and 5.8 times greater than the female suicide rate respectively.

The comparison is most crucial in Solomon Islands according to the data published by WHO, where the male suicidal rate is 13.4 times higher than the female suicide rate.

In the whole dataset, the country with the highest female suicidal rate comparing to the other countries is Zimbabwe, the rate is 13.5%. Nevertheless, men suicide rate is 37.8 in that country. 

Paraguay is the country with the highest increasing suicide rate of 0.69 from the year 2000 to 2023. In Paraguay, male suicidal rate is 2.8 times higher than the females’ rate. 

However, in most of the countries the suicidal rate is decreasing which is a good news to share. Barbados is successfully decreasing the number of suicide cases from 2000 to 2023 in a rate of 0.88. No other country could not reach this rate. In that country, the rate is 0.5 for male and female suicide rate is 0.2. These rates are relatively closer to each other than most other countries. 

On the other hand, there are countries where suicidal rate is still rising in a relatively faster growth. For instance, South Korea, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, and Brunei. The suicidal rates in these countries are respectively 0.52, 0.45, 0.41, 0.66, and 0.48.

From the dataset, there are total 24 countries are found where the rate of suicide is on a increase since 2000. In these countries, male suicidal rate is 3.82 times higher than female suicidal rate in average.

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