Magic Johnson’s Retirement Saga!

Magic Johnson

Known as the greatest Point guard In the NBA who was playing for the Lakers and has retired three times. The first time Magic Johnson retired was in 1991, during this time he married Earlitha “Cookie” Kelly.

Even though the cause of retirement was that he had contracted HIV it was an abrupt decision to retire from Johnson’s side according to many fans. While others were happy he chose his health over basketball. After his small recovery from HIV, he returned to the NBA world to play the 1992 All-Star Games and continued to play for the Olympic Basketball team also known as the Dream Team where his team became the winner and achieved a gold medal. After all this achievement he retired again.

The Retirement Saga continues…

Not even one year passes but he retires again under his fellow player’s complaints and protests against him. Could it be that there was some unwanted tension between him and his fellow players at that time just like in 1981 which made the Lakers a divided team at that time? Or was it a heated argument turned into a dispute between players that we fans don’t know of? According to some news, Johnson was still battling HIV and educating the world about its harm!

After his retirement, he didn’t leave the world of basketball as some would do. He started coaching the Lakers and buying some shares of the Lakers. It looked like he would be doing desk jobs for the remainder of his life, but his temptation to play was strong for which he started playing again!

Magic Johnson is a magic in real life

Regardless, who could stop a basketball player from playing as he returned four years later in 1996 to play again at the age of 36? Even though it was hard for him to reduce the weight he gained from battling HIV, he played his match as if he had been playing all along with no changes.

The altercations between his team members caused him to feel the need to not play as he always wanted to play Basketball because he loved it and because he enjoyed playing it but the issues between him and his team members made him realize that he couldn’t feel the joy of playing anymore. Even though he started playing in January 1996, Cedric Ceballos and Nick Van Exel have shown some disturbance between the team and Magic. Both of them later denied having a problem with Magic but it was too late as Magic had retired for the third and final time.

Not only the chemistry between the team but the fact that he had to play in the power forward position, unlike his previous Point guard position, him being overweight and his Calf injury also played a huge role in his retirement!

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