Looking into the ridiculous UFC Towel Controversy and how the fighters lost their modesty

UFC Towel Controversy

The UFC weigh-in truly stirs a lot of controversy owing to the incidents that occurred with the fighters during the weigh-ins. These controversies did cause some of these fighters to lose their modesty and have also led to criticism from fans. 

It is known that towels are used to cover UFC fighters during weigh-ins to ensure that their bodies are not exposed while their weights are being determined. This is because MMA fighters are usually butt-naked when they want to measure their weights. Members of their team are saddled with the responsibility of holding the towel over and behind them while their weights are being measured. 

During weigh-ins, UFC fighters are not supposed to hold on to the towel, as this is regarded as a form of cheating. However, it turns out that some of these fighters are compelled to hold onto the towel during the measurements. Can this be a selfless reaction to protect their nakedness or an act of cheating? 

This article will look into the controversies that played out at the UFC weigh-ins and how the fighters lost their modesty. 

Daniel Cormier

Former two-weight world champion, Daniel Cormier was seen to have grabbed the towel while he was being measured at the UFC weigh-in. He later confessed that he did grab the towel while he was being measured. Noting that his motive was to let the towel take part of his weight by leaning slightly into it.

Cormier explained that he didn’t make the cut, which was supposed to be 205 lbs., as he weighed 206.2 lbs. He had to use the ‘towel trick’ to help himself. 

Misha Tate

During measurement, Misha Tate could be seen clutching at her breast as one of the teams who held the towel slightly slipped. The look on her face shows how embarrassed and disgusted she must have felt to find herself in such a situation. 

Khamzat Chimaev

Khamzat Chimaev was also caught on camera as he slightly held the towel while he was still on the scale. After much criticism, he later admitted that he had grabbed the towel to make weight for his fight with Gilbert Burns. 

Khamzat planned to slightly lean on the towel so that part of his weight rested on it. That way, his weight can be successfully reduced. However, he noted that he weighed in again even after leaning on the towel but ended up hitting the 171 lbs when he made his second attempt. 

Eryk Anders

At the UFC weigh-in, a controversy was stirred up as to whether Eryk Anderson was trying to cheat when he placed a finger on the towel. This is because the commission members were simply not taking it lightly with that action. 

However, it became known that he wasn’t trying to cheat, as his weight came out below the required measurement. 

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