May 22, 2024
Loftus Hall

Loftus Hall

Let’s get to know a different story today. This horror story is about a mysterious house on the deserted coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Ireland. Whatever the truth is, the reality of the story is still heard among the people of that region.

A small peninsula stands tall on the lonely shores of the Atlantic Ocean near Ireland. About the year 1170, one day a Norman knight named Raymond Le Gros lost his way and floated in the sea water and anchored on this island. He was impressed by the beauty of the island. Intended to stay here. Then, he built a small hut there. The fresh sea air, serene township and peaceful nature slowly grows here.

In the mid-14th century, Raymond’s descendants renovated the small cottage he had built in need of a larger residence. He built a huge building there. The newly completed residence was named Redmond Hall after Raymond. One of Raymond’s successors supported rebel Irish Catholic troops against the English administration and Oliver Cromwell in the ongoing Irish League War of 1641–53. Angry Cromwell gave the death penalty to Charles the First!

Meanwhile, the Raymond family was also displaced as punishment for their cooperation with the rebel soldiers. Transferred to another land. Ownership of the vast Redmond Hall was given to an English family. During the late 17th century, the house was owned by a wealthy English family called Tottenham. Meanwhile, the new landlord renamed Tottenham Redmond Hall. Loftus Hall was named after his beloved wife Anne Loftus. After a few days, he left the urban residence and moved there with his family.

One day, on one such night of bad weather, a strange-looking ship ran aground on Hook Peninsula. Only one man came down from the ship. Who knows how this man survived the rain and the fierce waves! However, soon after getting off the ship, he saw a dim light near the deserted island. His heart danced with happiness. Hoping for a little food and warmth, he walked towards it with little feet. Stepping through rain-soaked grass and mud, he reached the front door of Loftus Hall. Standing next to the stairs, he knocked on the door – knock knock knock!

From within the master of the house, Tottenham, opened the door. He saw a handsome young man standing wet in the storm. Without delay, he immediately brought him inside the house. The Tottenham couple had two daughters – Anne and Elizabeth. Anne is older among them. So Tottenham instructed the eldest daughter to look after the needs of the house guest. She was looking after everything sincerely. Time began to pass, the sea did not want to be normal at all! So forced to do so, once the young man sat on the cornice of the house and started playing cards.

One by two the rest of the family also came to accompany him. The game is very well packed in a cheerful mood in a serene environment. Everyone’s time is spent in laughter and joy. But Anne has the best relationship with the newcomer. And so Anne went to the handsome young man at the appointed time every day. Once they started spending intimate time avoiding the eyes of parents. The matter escaped everyone’s eyes, but one day it caught Elizabeth’s eyes. Although Elizabeth kept it a secret to herself. But, the real problem happened after a couple of days.

After lunch the young stranger sat down again with cards in the afternoon sun, when Anne came to join him. In addition to the game, the two sat down to share various stories. Once Anne’s hand slips and a card falls under the table, Whenever she went to pick up the card from the bottom, her body trembled with fear. She was not ready for what he saw below!

The young man’s legs are as monstrous as those of a corpse. It looks as if someone has cut and tightened it in reverse. Anne could also clearly see the black-ugly nails on the toes. Immediately after a terrible scream, she lost consciousness. Hearing such a sudden cry, the people of the house rushed to her. Ann was lying on the ground. The young stranger next to him is not there, he is nowhere to be seen. However, it is clear that he escaped through the fireball through the roof. There is a huge leak!

After this terrible incident, Anne regained consciousness. She explains the details of the incident. That’s why Anne lost her definition again. However, when she regained consciousness, Anne began to behave in a demonic manner, speaking all sorts of strange things. The Tottenham couple then became desperate and locked Anne in her favorite tapestry room. After a few days they also realized that Ann was pregnant.

They immediately called the church father. She explained the details. After understanding everything, Father warned everyone. Said – the child in the womb will be a ghost or devil! So he should be killed soon after birth. The tapestry room should be covered. As usual, Anne’s parents killed the child and buried it in the tapestry room. They also brought a priest for this work.

The beautiful times of the Tottenham family stopped at the turn of this terrible incident. Through the small window of the Tapestry Room, Anne also gazed out at the water with a bored gaze. After a few years, Anne died one day.

Many happy memories are left behind. However, after Anne’s death, the real ghost story begins! Strange things started happening in this vast house. At night someone seemed to be standing on the balcony, beckoning. Someone is sitting in the back while sleeping, bathing and eating! After several more such incidents, the Tottenham family decided to leave the house. Moved away, to a populated locality.

However, the storm-hit sailors continued to take refuge in this deserted house even then. At that time, they also felt the presence of incorporeal beings there, faced all the terrible supernatural events. Many more years have passed since then. This once exciting incident has spread by word of mouth in different regions.

A unique mixture of truth and falsehood, all strange stories are made of exaggeration. Due to this reason, eager travelers from far and wide started coming here. They started spending the night in tents. At this time, some people have been able to capture the strange shadows of the body!

After a few days, the authorities seized the house for the safety of the visitors. Free movement of the public is prohibited. It was also decided to repair the hole that had once been officially created in the roof. However, whenever the repair work started, a terrible accident happened. And so the authorities declared the house abandoned once they got bored.

Ghosts or incorporeal, the hidden mystery of these supernatural beings of that time still transmits fear to the human mind, awakens a shiver in the heart and soul. All the ghostly events that touch the senses, which float on the wings of imagination in a unique world.

And so, in 2020, a hotel authority rushed to buy the house to give artistic form to these mysteries. Understanding the time-opportunity, the application is also submitted to the government. Finally, in 2021, they bought the house at a very high price. It is known that there is going to be a different type of haunted hotel for people who love mystery and adventure!

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