May 24, 2024

Listeners are preferring melancholic music more than uplifting music

An analysis of the top 953 most streamed songs of Spotify in 2023 informs that the majority of the listeners prefer relatively melancholic songs than high energetic songs. 

Every song has some attributes that reveal how a listener will perceive the song. For example, danceability, valency, energy, acousticness, instrumentalness etc. These terms are measured on a scale of 100 (or sometimes 1). 

It is found that 49.4% of the most streamed songs have at least 70% danceability. That means, Spotify top songs, which are based on the listeners preference usually do not have a high danceability score. 

Only 37% of the popular songs have a valence of more than 60. Valence measures the melancholic level in a song. More valence means the song is joyful, whereas less valence means the song is depressive. A song with less than 60 valence tends to be melancholic. 

Moreover, the majority of the songs are not very energetic. The finding informs that 41.2% songs are significantly energetic, which means, have an energy level of at least 70. 

Besides, only 0.8% songs have a instrumentalness of more than or equal to 60. That means, listeners significantly prefer to listen to those kinds of songs where the lyrics can be felt and the vocalist plays a significant role than the instrument players. 

However, among the dataset of 953 songs, 550 songs were composed of major mode and 403 were in minor. Songs composed in minor usually sound more melancholic than songs made of major mode. 

There is also not a lot acoustic songs in the list. Only 15.1% of the most streamed songs have acousticness of more than or equal to 60. 

BPM statistics informs that 49.6% of the songs are in moderate tempo and 54.1% are in fast tempo. Note that, a song BPM in range of 70 to 120 was considered as moderate tempo and BPM more than 120 was considered as fast tempo. 

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