May 18, 2024

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi, the sensation of the football world, was lacking only one thing in his career, and that was the World Cup championship. Eventually, he got it. Fans became very happy to see him win the World Cup.

Talking about club football Lionel Messi was a very well-known face for Barcelona. Barcelona fans can’t forget the contribution the living legend made to the club. It was thought that he would get back to Barcelona; the possibility was there, but maybe things didn’t happen that way.

Saudi club Al-Hilal and Barcelona were seeing and trying to get this legend to sign up for their club. Messi will be performing as a free agent with the termination of his contract with PSG. The surprising news was flashed out by Spanish football journalist, pundit, and author Guillem Balagué, who was a regular on Sky Sports. He emphasized that Lionel Messi will most probably be looking for America for the next level of his career.

How the football world is thinking about the news

Earlier, the father of Messi told reporters that his son chose to come back to Barcelona, but the financial situation of the club wouldn’t allow for a final deal. The news might break the hearts of Barcelona fans. Messi is reported to start for the Inter Miami practices as early as possible.

Fans on Twitter are posting that Messi will confirm his move to Inter Miami very shortly. Some are also telling, like for Barcelona, getting back with Messi is quite impossible. The exciting news for the giant is that Apple will share their revenue with Messi for new subscribers; on the other hand, Adidas will be doing profit sharing with him.

How Messi will be portrayed if he moves to Inter Miami

It will be very impactful for the club if Messi joins. Messi will even surpass the all-around impact of David Beckham, who is now the president of the Miami club. It was also seen that Lionel Messi is reportedly seeking to buy a house in Miami. One last thing is left, and that is the contract signing with the club. Bad luck for Barcelona, as they couldn’t afford Lionel Messi. Messi discarded the offer from Al-Hilal too, as he always wanted a competitive environment, and he has Copa America ahead. On the other hand, Messi’s family didn’t find the Saudi offer attractive.

So, it’s the passage of a little bit of time. All the things will be cleared shortly.

Leave us your comment on whether you think Messi is going to make the right decision at the right time or not.

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