May 23, 2024
Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is such an icon,  whatever he does on and off the field, it is always going to go viral because of the engagement he gets and the fan following he has under his belt. Nowadays, his love for the Marvel Universe is getting noticed by football lovers around the globe, as the legend is celebrated in Marvel style.

The thing that is going viral across social media is the new celebration of La Pulga on the soccer field. He is doing the different moves of Marvel Characters (Spider-Man, Thor, etc.). Moreover, we have seen him do these celebrations several times before.

But now that he is playing for Inter Miami, he is doing the iconic superheroes of Marvel almost in every match after hitting a goal.

Lionel Messi Continues Superhero Celebrations

Messi Doing Amazing Celebrations: Twitter images

Now he is playing for Inter Miami in the League Cup and has continued to bring celebrations, paying tribute to Marvel’s superheroes. They entered the semi-finals of the tournament. Miami beat Charlotte to reach the semi-finals, and Argentina’s legend scored the final goal of the match and displayed the iconic Spider-Man move.

Since joining Inter Miami, he has done this many times in matches. He showcased the celebration of Thor against Atlanta United in the second match, and Black Panther style came to the party after he made the goal in a match against Orlando.

Messi’s amazing celebrations have been trending with his name since he is playing in the League Cup in 2023

Messi has been a real threat to the other teams in the tournament, he is showing a great display of his game in Major League Soccer, scoring eight amazing goals in just five appearances in the league, but the thing that is engaging people is his celebrations.

 In the last match, Miami beat Charlotte in the quarterfinals to make it into the semi-finals.

Lionel Messi is considered one of the finest footballers in the history of the sport, he is very popular among the audience, and he is also known as La Pulga. He has achieved so many things in the game and broken so many records. 

He is well known for his free kicks and passing abilities. He is also one of the most prolific and beloved players in the world.

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