May 17, 2024
LeBron James

LeBron James just realized he is old, referring to playing with several generations of Jabari Smith Sr. The fact that LeBron James has been playing for 20 years was hilariously brought up on Monday night.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James once again proved his status as the best player in the league by defeating the Houston Rockets. On Monday, rookie Jabari Smith Jr. played against LeBron James for the Houston Rockets.

Although the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Houston Rockets 140–132, the NBA star had a sweet conversation with the rookie.

LeBron James was reminded by rookie Jabari Smith Jr. that he also played with Jr.’s father in 2003 at one point in the game. And the reaction of LeBron has been hilarious.

The conversation was captured on the NBA mic, which shocked but also amused the fans.

Their conversation started like-

Jabari Smith Jr.: “You played against my dad your first NBA game ever.”
LeBron James: “Really?”
JS: “Sacramento.”
LJ: “Why you do that to me?”

The conversation quickly went viral after ClutchPoint posted on X, formerly known as Twitter.

It Made Me “Feel old,” James said

James chuckled as he said, “Made me feel old as crap, too,” in the NBA Tv interview. “He even said, “You feel old, don’t you?,” to which I immediately responded, “Absolutely.

James was also thrilled about playing several generations and expressed, “I’ve had the pleasure and the opportunity to play against a few father and son combinations, like Gary Trent and Gary Trent Jr. It’s been a great ride man, in these last 20 years”

There is nothing like it in NBA history about the same player playing against his father and his son 20 years later.

The conversation proved how many years James spent in the NBA industry. He was overwhelmed with the father-son juncture and shared a heartwarming moment with Smith Sr. off the court.

Did Jabari Smith Sr. play Against LeBron James?

It’s true, and it happened on October 29, 2003. Although Jabari Sr. did not play in the Cleveland Cavaliers’ regular season debut because Smith Jr. was only five months old at the time. But in the following season with the Nets, he eventually faced James.

The best part is that Jabari Jr. does not have only one retired relative of Smith Sr. whom LBJ has suited up. Smith Sr. is the cousin of 2001 No. 1 draft pick and one-time Lakers player Kwame Brown.

And if you think Jabari Jr. is the only son of a player LeBron has suited up, then here is another twist:

The son of former All-Star Power Kenyon Martin Sr. has a son, “KJ” Martin Jr. who is on Smith’s team. He also faced off against James, which LeBron mentioned to the NBA TV reporters.

KJ Martin Sr. is best known for his 15-year career with the Denver Nuggets and the Brooklyn Nets.

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