May 18, 2024
LA Knight

WWE Money In The Bank 2023 was not in the luck for LA Knight. Fans commented in the Twitter post that he deserved the joint championship alongside Damian Priest. People are curious after seeing LA Knight lose Money Bank. They wanted to know the next move for this star.

In a recent post with the title “LA Knight’s next opponent?” on Twitter, people commented from different angles. Fans of LA Knight want to see him win the US title. Austin Theory comes if called WWE United States Championship.

Austin Theory is currently holding the US title in his second reign. Austin Theory, who is now 25 years old, comes as a challenge for LA Knight. The WWE world is waiting for the time to see LA Knight as the title holder.

One person commented on Twitter post, “US title isn’t good enough. Let Theory keep it. He needs to be World Heavyweight Champion.”

Damian Priest becomes Mr. MITB, beating LA Knight too!

LA Knight’s fans shouted that he deserved to be joint champion, but luck eventually went in favor of Damian Priest. Damian beat six competitors and snatched the championship in Money in the Bank Ladder match.

Previously, Damian Priest was thought to be the one who got the threat from LA Knight. People didn’t think that Damian was going to make it. Finally, the performance he showed touched the hearts of the fans by overcoming every obstacle.

Probability of LA Knight vs Logan Paul came as surprise

In a recent post on Twitter, SummerSlam caught the attention of the fans. The post highlights the probability of a bout between LA Knight vs Logan Paul. ‘The Biggest Party of the Summer’ is thought to be one of the biggest events in WWE, ranking second.

It was found that the comments didn’t go in favor of SummerSlam. Spectators are more excited to see the match between Austin Theory vs LA Knight than LA Knight vs Logan Paul. Now the term worth is coming. It remains questionable whether LA Knight deserves a fight with Logan Paul or if he deserves something better.

Wrestling Megastar vs Social Media Megastar at Summerslam

One is WWE Megastar LA Knight, and another is Social Media Megastar Logan Paul. The probable match is creating buzz, and critics are not liking the match idea. If LA Knight deserves a title, then the best fight would be him vs Austin Theory.

Logan Paul lost almost every match he had. Logan should go for a bout against Ricochet. Logan Paul is getting taunted harshly. One fan added,”I think logan Paul needs to win his next feud. Sign me up for him and Ricochet.”

Leave us your thoughts on which fight you think would be the best for LA Knight.

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