Kim Kardashian hilarious new comedy ‘The Fifth Wheel’ secures Netflix deal

Kim Kardashian

GQ MAGAZINE has Kim on their list of 2024 honorees and she was seen rocking the red carpet in her new blonde hair.
Kim Kardashian is recently in her mogul era. She has recently been in the cover of GQ magazine for the “2023 Men of The Year” issue. Kardashian is already a billionaire with her business ventures as she steps into the world of acting.
It’s only seen that Kim will play wonderful roles in her future because she’s just that good (yes, we still can’t believe it!).
She’s reportedly confirmed her deal with Netflix on the new show “The Fifth Wheel” which is a female driven comedy along with many other actresses. Hopefully we’ll see Kim thoroughly third wheeling in this part.

Kim Kardashian’s Career in Acting

Kardashian has been in her family’s reality show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” a long time to learn and act like an actor. They even have their new show “The Kardashians” on Hulu after the old one ended. Some might say it comes naturally to her. She also killed her role in “An American Horror Story” as Siobhan Walsh , a former actress turned publicist who also has severe taste in fashion.

Kardashian’s Business Empire

Her shape wear company was recently named as the partner of underwear for the NBA (that’s a big deal!). This brand carries underwear, shapewear, swim suits, lounge wear etc. and it’s definitely a huge hit. Kim is also on the path to become a lawyer like her late father Robert Kardashian.

This year has been great for Kardashian as she was also invited to speak at Harvard Business School. She is quite the entrepreneur as she paves her path to law. The rebranding of her brand “KKW ” has been going on for a while now.

She said in an interview, “We’re not just taking “West” out of the name , we’re creating a platform that will allow the customers to shop all my products at once and pay less shipping fee” , which honestly sounds great because the less shipping fee the better! She also has Skims and a fragrance line which she also wants to expand into a lifestyle brand having home goods and fashion products.

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