May 23, 2024
George Kittle

The San Francisco 49ers suffered their third straight loss of the season. And the blame is on George kittle for wearing “F**k Dallas” Shirt in their previous match with Cowboys. From then on they are facing defeat straight.

When the 49ers lost a match with the Bengals that sparks backlashes among the fan followings.

Did Karma Hits Back

The NFL star George Kittle wore a shirt under his red. 85 jersey during the 42 -10 win over the Cowboys. The gray shirt said ” F**k Dallas” and kittle revealed it while celebrating. Kittle said he knew he would probably have to pay for his wardrobe choice.

“Probably to get a fine, I wore a personalized T-shirt, may be an inappropriate word. So it is what it is. It was a decision I made. If they want to fine me, they fine me.” said kittle as he was fined 13,659 dollars for use of abusive language on the T-shirt he wore under his uniform.

And for this action fans are blaming him as they lost back to back 3 straight Matches. One of them tweeted ” The #49ers are 0-3 since George kittle wore a shirt saying “F-ck Dallas” The #Cowboys truly broke that team. Embarrassing. “

Some are saying it’s karma that they are losing. But some analyses show that decisions from Brock Purdy are questionable.

Reason Behind Kettle’s Action

His teams history led him to wear the shirt as an homage to former Miners linebacker Gray Plummer, who wore the same message during the 1994 NFL Championship Game Against the Cowboys. At that time San Francisco – Dallas was the league’s biggest rivalry.

Kittle said ” one hundred percent, I’d do it again”.
He also added “I don’t make things up, we stand on the shoulders of the 49ers before us. Its something I’ve seen my whole career, and finally I just wanted to channel it.”

Whether George Kittle wore the t-shirt out of previous rivalry or it’s his stuff for entertainment he did make a chaos among fan followers. And their straight defeats in the matches add some fire.

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