May 18, 2024
James Harden

American professional basketball player James Harden hit a ball on his face during a match, and Josh Hart expressed his reaction to the stuff and made us laugh with his statements.

During a moment in the match, the Houston Rockets player attempted to pull off one last shot just before the end of the first period against the New Orleans Pelicans. When he was about to attempt the shot, a block offered by Josh Hart prevented him from putting the ball in the basket, but he could not make things right, and in frustration, he threw the ball on the court and ended up smashing it in his face during the match.

After the accident, he took himself away from the court on the buzzer at the end of the half. This was one of the most playful moments of the season. The opposition player, Josh Hart, was totally surprised to witness the funny moment.

In a conversation, Hart expressed his reaction to the funny accident

Josh Hart expressed his feelings about James Harden’s performance at that moment. Josh was seen showing a reaction that he was not ready for. Literally, he was like, Oh, what has happened?

Josh Hart added,”The moment was pretty shocking when he smashed the ball on the court, and it was even funny when the ball hit him back on his nose. I liked the moment, but I had no idea where that came from. He was looking so frustrated when I blocked him from making the basket.”

“As a defender, you always do your thing, which is to defend the basket for your team. I made him work making a basket, but he could not go past me. I don’t know whether I won the matchup. I just know I succeeded in limiting him.”

Josh played beautifully in the game as he bagged 23 points, three rebounds, five three-pointers, two steals, a block, and three rebounds.

More about James Harden

James Harden is an American basketball player. In the history of theNBA, Harden is considered one of the greatest scorers and shooting guards and has also been named the greatest league player.

So far in his career, he has represented the Houston Rockets, Brooklyn Nets, Philadelphia 76ers, and Oklahoma City Thunder, and he has so many records to his name. He was also awarded the most valuable player in the NBA in 2018.

What would you do if you were in his place, and how would you react in that moment?

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