Jordan Travis Leg Injury Update: After sustaining a nasty leg injury, Travis was carted off the field

two side by side picture of jordan travis, where he is laying down in the field after injury

Florida State’s Quarterback Jordan Travis recently had an injury to his leg. This incident is very tragic for the team, his fans, and well-wishers. 

The incident happened when Jordan Travis made an awkward tackle on a 17-yard run. After the injury, many fans and well-wishers were asked about Jordan Travis’s Leg injury Update. 

What’s the Update on Jordan Travis Leg Injury?

According to USA TODAY, Travis, who grabbed his left leg, was attended to immediately by FSU physicians and trainers. He was down for several minutes before being carted off the field. 

Despite the Seminoles trailing 13-0, backup quarterback Tate Rodemaker took charge. They secured a decisive 58-13 victory after completing 13 of 23 passes for 217 yards and two touchdowns.

Moreover, It is clear from a close examination of the injury’s anatomy and mechanism that the player tried to wrap and restrain Jordan. 

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Dr. Brian Sutterer, MD, is a sports injury specialist who described the reason behind Jordan Travis’s leg injury. The main reason for Jordan Travis’s leg injury is the other player’s right thigh landing on the outside of Travis’s left leg.

Jordan Travis suffers from a High ankle sprain, and the doctor is treating him. He poorly injured his ankle joint and he had to leave the field immediately.

You can watch the Jordan Travis leg injury Update here.

After the injury, Jordan Travis shared an Instagram Story from his hospital bed. He watched the game on his phone and provided live commentary on key moments. 

Additionally, Travis is a special young man who excels in everything, according to Coach Norvell, despite the lack of specific updates regarding his injury. 

The Seminoles are getting ready to play against Florida and showed their skills and teamwork to overcome challenges.

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