May 22, 2024
Johnny Depp

Recently, Johnny Depp has gained popularity after his defamation trial started in 2018. On June 20, 2022, the jury found that Depp established all three elements of defamation, including the truthfulness of the statement and Heard’s malicious intent.

Following the defamation trial, a lot of information about Johnny Depp went viral. Recently, a Facebook post went viral in which a picture of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were seen together, and Johnny Depp quoted, “The worst prison in the world is a home without peace.”

This news has surprised the world because of their ongoing defamation trial. Many fans agreed with the quote and felt sorry for Johnny Depp’s decision to stay with a woman who abused him domestically.

Johnny Depp spoke About the Truth

During the trial, Johnny Depp gained massive fans and followers on his social media accounts. His Instagram account had over 17 million followers in April 2020, while Amber Heard’s account had only 10 million.

Despite having a large number of followers, Johnny Depp rarely posts on his social media accounts. The last post from Johnny Depp was June 27, 2023, with the caption says “Love seeing all your faces out on the road… thank you so much for coming to see us!!!” with a picture of his concert.

With a large number of followers, there are also a large number of scammers who are trying to spread misinformation. Further investigation has revealed that the widely circulated statement from Johnny Depp (The worst prison in the world is a home without peace) is FALSE.

On June 19, Johnny Depp pinned an Instagram story, explaining that the statements that were spreading under his name were inaccurate. As proof that some accounts on his social media are fake, he also provided legitimate social media accounts.

Depp also shared that his “team is working to combat the problem.”  He also spoke about his online impersonator, who falsely tweeted, “The worst prison in the world is a home without peace” under his name. At least the world will now be aware that Johnny Depp did not make the statement. 

The Fake Social Media Accounts Are Increasing

To this day, 33 billion TikTok views have been given to the hashtag #JusticeForJohnnyDepp, while only 86 million have been given to the hashtag #JusticeForAmberHeard. The amount of support available can be overwhelming, and false information can spread quickly as well.

A growing number of phony social media accounts using Johnny Depp’s name are popping up, along with the use of hashtags. Even many impersonators have mimicked Johnny Depp’s voice or made fake videos using DeepFake. 

Depp warned his fans about fake impostors and said, “We have been made aware that there continue to be fraudulent imposters pretending to be Johnny or those in his teams, offering meetings and promising time with him, often for payment.”

Even after the slander, fresh rumors about Jhonny Depp dating his lawyer Joelle Rich, who represented him in his UK libel lawsuit, have surfaced.

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