Jey Uso reveals ultimate WrestleMania 40 rival

Jey Uso

Jey Uso is ready to set the stage on fire, as the superstar fully prepares himself to superkick his opponents to the roads of WrestleMania.

During an interview with Billboard, the superstar was asked about his future opponents and he said “Right now, I feel like Jimmy’s at the top of the list. He’s gotta get this work. He’s still ducking me right now. He knows what it is. If I could talk from Josh and me, it’s my dream match. If this does happen, I’d be so grateful and happy. I would just look at him like look what we doing. Look at this! Those are special moments in the ring that nobody in the world knows.”

In the last year, Jimmy and Jey have both expressed a desire to compete at WrestleMania. This year, Jey Uso has faced off against multiple members of his family, most notably Roman Reigns in the WWE SummerSlam main event.

The master of superkick added, “When we did the Money in the Bank with Roman Reigns and Solo, I was just looking at them getting a little teary-eyed like, “Look at us.” That would go down as the No. 1 moment in my career if I get to wrestle with Jimmy in the sold-out Philadelphia in front of friends and family. And I’d beat his ass. If I could pick someone else, I’d probably wanna run it one time with Seth Rollins for that championship. He’s a GOAT. He’s a beast and got my respect. He’s been holding down Monday Night RAW forever. I’m with it.”

The Jimmy vs Jey story has been building up since last year. After Jimmy Uso cost Jey his match at SummerSlam with Roman Reigns, it was obvious that Jey would have his revenge and would likely have a match with his twin in the near future.

Jey Uso on his new theme Song

Since his split from ‘The Bloodline’ wrestling superstar Jey Uso has a new entrance song. The previous theme song was “Day One Ish”, which is slang where ‘Ish’ means ‘Shit’. The wrestler’s new song called “Main Event Ish” is a remix of his previous song. This song defines his path as the lone wolf, a predator on his path for a good hunt, who is ready for whatever it takes to win it all, and a guy ready for the main event.

During an interview the superstar reminisced about the time when he and his brother Jimmy had a freestyle battle against the New Day, “I knew at the freestyle battle that they didn’t know we would come the way we did. They were doing some nursery rhymes over there,” Jey remembers about the 2017 classic battle against the New Day, “I knew we wanted them to be like, ‘What is going on here, dog?’ Let alone on national TV. Hell yeah, we gonna fire it up.”

It still begs the question of which of the brothers is superior, even though fans detest the coming conflict between Jey and Jimmy. When they return to this story, only time will tell, but WrestleMania will soon be back on the map.

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