May 23, 2024
No Hard Feelings

Fans were excited to see the movie in theaters. A damn beautiful performance by Jennifer Lawrence Is there really some problem with Jennifer Lawrence as seen in the film? Spectators have discovered the masterpiece acting of this star.

‘No Hard Feelings’ will be on Netflix shortly after its release in theaters. Sony Pictures Entertainment will be the core of the distributor. People are getting a vibe of the 2000s, and they are loving the film.

What is the film about, and what was Jennifer’s responsibility?

Jennifer Lawrence has given a pure, natural comic performance. It all starts with Jennifer Lawrence’s mission to get a 19-year-old boy out of his shell. The parents of the boy wanted Jennifer to do that as a job. Jennifer found the job, which is all about dating that 19-year-old boy, Percy, to break all his barriers.

The things the boy was shy of were sex, drinks, and girls. Jennifer took the job, which she saw in an advertisement. It was all about the very careful parents whose kid was Percy. The parents of the boy gave the exceptional job to Jennifer in exchange for a car. The story takes a turn after that offer.

Taking a look at the performance of Jennifer Lawrence and the main plot

Jennifer used her shrewd performance to seduce the boy. The boy was reluctant to have a sexual relationship with the actress. On the other hand, the parents of the boy were worried about their son, saying that he needed to become comfortable with the public before starting university.

Jennifer was seen in the film having bankruptcy problems, and that’s why she took the job offer. Parents asked the actress to date him hard and bring him out of his own world, which was pretty without life.

Public reaction to ‘No Hard Feelings’ and the ratings

The audience is saying that it’s a fun movie to watch. Some are giving it 4 out of 5 overall, and some are also giving the film 7 out of 10. People are highly praising the acting of both Jennifer Lawrence and Andrew Feldman. Most of the audience is commenting that this film is a quality film to watch and enjoy.

According to the data of Google users, the film is liked by 90% of them. From the rating on IMDb, it gets 6.9 out of 10. According to Rotten Tomatoes, it gets 66% likes.

Taking a look at the more funny things in the film

As Lawrence plays the character Maddie Barker, she tells the boy that he is 19 years old, but the boy replies to Jennifer that she is trying to kidnap him. Jennifer took the boy out for a night out and tried to get him drinks, but the boy said the drinks were the worst ice tea he had ever had. The boy, Percy, after a time, tells his feelings about Maddie that he loves her.

Finally, it’s seen that the boy boldly says that he has started taking his own decisions and that he is an adult now. Both Percy and Maddie tried to have sexual relationships. Meanwhile, Maddie takes the smashed car to pay her debt off, and she did her job.

Before the final climax, it’s found that Percy and Maddie took the decision to remain friends, and finally, the story of the adoption of the dog by Maddie is told, and the name of the dog is Milo.

Leave us your thoughts. How much did you enjoy the film, and what’s your rating out of 5?

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