May 23, 2024
Ted DiBiase

Ted DiBiase

Ted DiBiase wrestled for the WWF from May 1987 to August 1993. The use of steroids by professional wrestlers during that time was widespread.

DiBiase shared his fellow wrestler’s experience with the substance and his stance on it. Despite the fact that some avoided steroid because of health concerns, it was still widely used to make wrestlers and athletes, in general, appear more attractive and self-assured.

On his most recent appearance of Everybody’s Got a Pod, Ted Dibiase covered a wide range of topics. In it, the WWE Hall of Famer discussed using steroids. “When I was in Mid-South. I was very cautious because, especially when you start to stick things in your body and how it’s going to react to it and all that. I was fairly cautious, but yeah, a little bit. And I say a little bit because it just helped. It just helped enhance my look. But I wasn’t against a lot of guys. What or who am I thinking of? The Ultimate Warrior? Yep. Oh my gosh. And, of course, that’s all he had was a body. And I don’t know how much his steroid use had to do with his death.” added DiBiase.

The Hall of Famer continued on how Vince McMahon once told him ‘to look a little more visible in the gym.’ And how he took the message to heart and tried his best to live up to the expectations. The former wrestler went on how in the beginning he took some ‘testosterone’ to get a ‘kick’ on what he was doing but later stopped taking it, as he was afraid that it may harm his health in the long run.

Although WWE has a Wellness Policy now and tests for PEDs and drugs. In the year 1994, the chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon, was charged with giving his wrestlers steroids. Although he was later cleared of all accusations, it still had a major impact on the wrestling industry.

A lot of Pro wrestlers under the age of 50 have lost their lives due to causes associated with drugs, including drug overdoses, and heart issues, in the past ten years. Steroid use is not new to the professional ranks of wrestling.

The cause of over half of the deaths, after further investigation, was consistent with steroid use. This proves that artificial help from drugs is always dangerous and it should be avoided, as it can cause a lot of issues during a lifetime.

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