Is pain tolerance the main issue Aaron Judge concerned about? Exploring Yankees’ star’s possible time to get back at full pace

Aaron Judge

The New York Yankees’ star Aaron Judge, whose injury update recently became the talk of the town, shocks the world with another piece of news. Fans are really worried about Aaron Judge’s injury. It did not seem that the injury would take a serious turn.

The team members of the Yankees first thought that the injury was minor. Eventually, it gets disclosed with brutal news that it was the toe ligament that he tore. The sad news made the fans concerned about his health right now.

How long will it take to recover the torn toe ligament?

It was not a favorable moment for Aaron Judge. The Dodger stadium has witnessed something horrible. Noboday first thought that this Yankee’ star would hit the wall so hard that he would tear his toe ligament.

Eventually, he confirmed that it had gotten worse. Though the commentator and the audience were praising him for his superb performance, he was not seen feeling good. His facial expression was like he was feeling the pain.

It is a matter of hope that the Manager of the Yankees told reporters that Aaron Judge will get back to the lineup this season. Judge, on the other hand, became skeptical about his coming back.

The Yankees star said that he would not give any timeline for his return. He seems to be putting more focus on his toe injury to fully recover.

Is Aaron Judge more concerned about pain tolerance?

Aaron seemed to be in much pain after the incident. He is putting more focus on pain tolerance, and he cleared it. He added,”I’ve got to knock out the rehab stuff. I’ve had different injuries over the years where it’s going to take a while. It’s not going to be perfect here in a couple of weeks. Once we can manage the pain, we’re going to be in a good spot.”

Ligament tear pain is painful. Only those who suffer this kind of injury can understand the pain. The Yankees’ star added that the injury happened at the back of the foot, and that’s why the spot is very crucial.

“I don’t think too many people in here have torn a ligament in their toe. If it was a quad, we’d have a better answer. If it’s an oblique or hamstring, we have answers and a timeline for that. With how unique this injury is, and it being my back foot, which I push off of and run off of, it’s a tough spot,” Aaron Judge added.

What decision have the Yankees’ taken about Aaron Judge?

The Yankees first took him out of the lineup for several days. The team first thought about how his condition would respond, and they were not sure that the injury could be that serious. After the confirmation of his seriously injured news, the Yankees have put him out of the team.

Nobody knows or confirms his return. It’s a matter of time, and fans need to wait for his injury recovery. This is not the first time this Yankees’ star has dealt with an injury; the previous time he also had an injury, which was seen in the previous season.

The team now has to move without Judge. People are thinking about how much of an impact his absence will have on the team.

Major League Baseball is not going to see the performance of this American Professional Baseball player. The outfielder broke the record for making the most home runs in the 2022 season.

Leave us your thoughts about the possibility of Yankee’s star comeback at the team.

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