May 17, 2024
Max Verstappen

Formula One has seen many exceptionally talented drivers throughout its history. In recent times, Max Verstappen has emerged as the face of the Red Bull Formula One team. His extraordinary performance has sparked the debate whether Max Verstappen is the Greatest Formula One driver.

In this article, we shall find out whether the claims of Max Verstappen being the GOAT is true or not.

Verstappen’s parents were both Formula One drivers which resulted in his early association with motorsport. The Dutchman has shown exceptional skills on the racetrack since his debut.

He has won many races with the second best car on the track. He has extracted the most out of the RedBull car and has challenged Lewis’s Mercedes in high pressure situations.

Max Verstappen already has plenty of records under his belt and with a car finally able to match his ability, there is no telling where he might stop. At just 24 years old, The Dutchman continued his relentless pursuit and has put to his name two Formula One titles consecutively in 2021 & 2022.

Max holds the record for youngest F1 driver of all time. If you search Formula One records and look for any category where the word ‘youngest’ is there ,you will find the Dutchman’s name at the top of the list. Not just that the Most Podium Finishes in 2021, Most points in single season, Most Win in a single season & Biggest Championship Winning Margin records are in his name.

Verstappen has accumulated a significant fan base around the world for his racing skills and rivalries.One such is between him and Lewis Hamilton, the seven time world champion.

Their wheel to wheel showdowns never fail to entertain their fans. In the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Max and Lewis’s rivalry was at its peak. Inspite of all these controversies to his name, no one can deny that Max is one of the best drivers of Formula One.

Max Verstappen’s talents and skills are undeniable, his record breaking achievements can not be hidden but it is true that Max Verstappen is yet to become the Greatest Driver of All Time.

He is on his road of legacy and it’s surely a long road ahead. Till then this topic of discussion will persist, keeping the discussion alive and leaving room for future talents to stake their claim.

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