May 23, 2024
Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian, now a mother of two, recently shared something really controversial about her new career path. She really thinks she might be really good at this.

Khloe is one of the most demanded sisters in the T.V show ‘The Kardashians’. She is loved for her straightforward behavior and being a battle breaker in between her sisters. She has seen multiple times consoling her sisters in their bad times. Recently in the finale episode of season 4 of the T.V show, Khloe said something that really made her fans jaw drop.

She said she might open up a ‘OnlyFans’ account. She jokingly said, ‘I really think I should do an OnlyFans for my feet. I feel like it could be really lucrative.’ She added, ‘You want me to paint my toenails a special color? You got it. You want me to put on pantyhose, people still wear that, slowly? Sure’. ‘Take off a sock? Woo hoo! Put my foot in some Jell-o? I don’t know. Ooh, mud? Sand between my toes,’ she joked.

Seeing her laughing and saying this, we know she totally joked about it. Well, there’s no doubt that her feet are actually lucrative to her fans. But we won’t be seeing her in ‘OnlyFans’ anytime soon. Throughout the whole season 4, Khloe is also seen to be at her best phase and fans are happy for her.

In one episode she said that ‘This year, I think the greatest thing I’ve learned is nothing can break me or my spirit’. She added, ‘You can try, but I’m not gonna let you.’ She has two children with Tristan, True and Tatum. True was born amidst the Jordyn and Tristan scandal. And her fans have seen Khloe going through a lot.

Regarding her baby daddy Tristan she said something in that season too. ‘I am really proud of where I got to with Tristan. It’s hard, but I’ll do anything for my kids’, she said. Well, we also hope Khloe gets over all the dramas she has put through in the past. Her passion for a healthier lifestyle is also seen in the episodes afterward.

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