May 24, 2024
Beyonce is Getting Hate from Fans For ‘Whitewashing’ Her Body

Beyonce is the Queen for embracing her culture through her songs. Her ‘brown skin girl’ song made people with dark skin feel more confident in themselves. However, some people are now calling Beyonce a HYPOCRITE for a reason.

Beyoncé, the iconic singer and performer, recently getting criticism following the premiere of her concert film, ‘Renaissance.’ While the event was to celebrate her artistry, a particular photo from the premiere sparked controversy and accusations of “whitewashing.”

The viral image captured Beyoncé in a striking metallic Versace dress with platinum hair. After seeing her, some social media users to claim that her skin tone appeared significantly lighter than usual. 

The accusations of “whitewashing” swiftly spread across various platforms. With comments likening the singer’s transformation to that of Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson once underwent a notable change in skin color over time.

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Critics questioned whether Beyoncé, a prominent figure in the Black community, was attempting to distance herself from her heritage. 

Comments such as “Is no one going to say anything about Beyoncé looking whiter with each passing day?” and “Today I finally understood those who say Beyoncé is white privileged” echoed through the online discussions.

Amid the dispute, Beyoncé’s supporters offered a counterstory. Some said that the platinum hair color and the metallic dress’s reflection all created the illusion of a change in skin tone. 

Additionally, others pointed to the lighting conditions in the photo as a potential factor influencing the appearance.

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Now people are calling Beyonce Hypocrite for whitewashing her. some also accusing her that she bleaced her skin.

One user said, “Beyoncé can wear her hair platinum and still never stop being perceived as a BLACK woman. Society scans her as such because of her physique, her face, her hair, her culture, and even her family.”

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