May 17, 2024

Barbie is the movie that amazed the audience with its amazing storyline, which is based on a fantasy comedy. The screenplay grabbed the attention of the audience and became one of the most loved films in the history of American cinema because of its uniqueness. The movie roared at the box office and earned a huge amount of money.

The movie was released on July 21, and it was pleasing to the eyes of the audience, they just loved the screenplay. After a few days of release, it established its place in the film industry and broke so many records at the box office.

Is Barbie the most overrated film of all time?

Barbie: Twitter images

It is pretty hard to say whether Barbie is overrated or not, it is more about personal opinions if people want to say it is overrated or not. The film is getting criticized, and on the other side, it is also getting sugar-coated words.

Moreover, the movie is based on feminist things, so it is more appealing to the female community.

It is completely up to the audience’s choice to say the movie is an overrated screenplay. The major reason this movie is called an overrated screenplay is its inclination toward women, there is nothing for men to watch in the movie. 

When we talk about the quality of the screenplay, it is up to the mark, touching the sky in terms of quality.

Just after 21 days of displaying on the screen, the film broke big records, and the director of the screenplay, Greta Gerwig, enjoyed the achievements. As they broke a large number of records, the director turned into the highest-grossing female director at the domestic box office. 

They take down another blockbuster movie, Frozen II, directed by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck

Barbie: Twitter images

Barbie passed the huge gross that was estimated at $477.4 million. Firstly, Barbie has gone past its gross of $478.1 million, then skyrocketed to $500 million domestically, and ended up being the 20th film to cross this amount.

Even at the global level, they earned billions of dollars. They also crossed Captain Marvel’s gross ($1.13 billion worldwide) when they notched $1.113 billion. With this achievement, the screenplay ended up being the first to be directed by a solo woman.

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