May 17, 2024
Santos Escobar

Santos Escobar

Santos Escobar betrayed Rey Mysterio, on Nov 10 Friday, SmackDown. The “Emperor of Lucha Libre,”, Santos Escobar, when asked backstage why he attacked Rey Mysterio, replied, “Rey had it coming”.

The injury Mysterio suffered will likely keep him out of action for the next six to eight weeks. The event left the WWE Universe heartbroken, as Rey was once a man Escobar idolized while growing up.

Why did Santos Escobar attack, Rey Mysterio?

The feud began after WWE superstar Carlito accused Escobar of being responsible for costing Rey his United States Championship match at Crown Jewel. Carlito blamed Escobar for leaving brass knuckles in the ring during the match, resulting in Logan Paul using it to knock out Rey and winning the match.

Later when Rey Mysterio tried to help Carlito, who was attacked brutally by Lashley and The Street Profits, Escobar attacked Rey for choosing and defending Carlito over himself.

What was Escobar’s Response after the attack?

Escobar later addressed the WWE universe on why he attacked Rey Mysterio, “Alright, here’s an expression you’ve all heard it: Never meet your heroes. You know I come from a rich Lucha Libre tradition, and my family, all of them have been labeled heroes. But to me like most of you, especially the little ones right there, my hero was Rey Mysterio. I pattern and model everything in my career based off of Rey Mysterio. And it was my wish, a silly wish, that the next generation would see me the same way I used to see Rey Mysterio. You became a father figure to me and you made me feel alone. But after last week, I realized that he was right. Everything he said about you down to a T, Dominik was right!.”

The superstar went on about the conflicts he had with Rey’s decision to take new members on LWO like Carlito and give them free rein to do whatever they want and how he felt betrayed by Rey and his decisions.

Escobar went further on wishing harm to the master of 619, by stating, “And you, you; you’re going to like this one more. You thought I was going to come out here and apologize? Alright, I’ll apologize; I apologize for not doing more damage. And Rey, this one, from the bottom of my heart: I hope the surgery didn’t go well. I hope you catch an infection and they have to amputate your leg. As a matter of fact, I hope you never come back! You’re nothing but a selfish, no good, outright trash; that’s what you are.”

The disrespect and hatred Escobar had for Rey and the way he justified his actions was surprising to fans. The Superstar will likely continue spreading his hatred through his former teammates until Rey Mysterio returns from his injury.

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