May 23, 2024
Ilja Dragunov

Ilja Dragunov

The NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov also known as Ilya Rukober, is all set on his next opponent Baron Corbin, ready to end the bad blood once and for all.

The Russian star earned his championship title from Carmelo Hayes at No Mercy on September 30, cementing himself as the top dog of NXT. During his celebration after the match, The Mad Dragon was attacked backstage by Baron Corbin, repeatedly hitting him until the referees intervened and saved Dragunov. Since then there’s been a lot of speculation on Dragunov retaliating and hitting back at Corbin for attacking him.

During the main event of the November 14 episode of WWE NXT, the event was Wes Lee vs Baron Corbin. After some initial struggles during the match and with a little help from Dominik Mysterio by causing a distraction, Corbin easily won.

At the end of the fight, Corbin kept on hurting his opponent, showing his aggressiveness and brutality, until finally, Ilja Dragunov came to save the day, and charged at corbin but got laid with the end of days finisher.

Just as Corbin was making his exit after defeating the NXT champion again, Dragunov recovered and took the microphone, and addressed Corbin “You made a grave mistake, now you need to live with those consequences”, and offered him the the NXT title match that he wanted, at Deadline on December 9 in Bridgeport, Connecticut. This was later made official by WWE and was later shared on different social media platforms.

Both the superstars have been at each other’s throats even before Dragunov won the title from Carmelo Hayes. From verbal insults to surprise attacks, the rivalry has evolved over the days. The superstars are set to finish it on the night of December 9.

Corbin has had some unfortunate years on the main roster, and he has never been the “NXT” Champion. This title shot is his chance to show himself as a true champion and prove his superiority to Ilja Dragunov and the WWE universe.

The rivalry has undergone a transformation, progressing from the use of verbal insults to the implementation of surprise attacks over the course of time. The highly acclaimed individuals are scheduled to conclude their performance on the evening of December 9th.

It is still unclear who’s going to win, the match being less than a month away there might even be small clashes between the superstars. After a long time of skirmishes between the superstars, the time has come to change the status quo forever. Fans are thrilled to see both the Torpedo Moscow of Ilja Dragunov’s and End of Days of Baron Corbin’s in action NXT Deadline.

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