May 17, 2024
Arcangelo and Jena Antonucci

Jena Antonucci is found adoring the gray hero Arcangelo

At Belmont Park, the world has witnessed something extraordinary. Something that had made history The final went in favor of Jena Antonucci. The fighter who deserves the win is none other than the gray Arcangelo. Arcangelo gave Jena Antonucci a new title: the tile,” which in 155 years no woman could make. The first ever female won this championship in Belmont.

How did the trainer feel after winning this giant victory?

It’s beyond words. Simple words can’t express the feelings. It was even beyond a dream that the female trainer couldn’t share but just shed tears of joy. The world has witnessed the glory of this Arcangelo. What a show, what a performance! People couldn’t imagine.

Male dominance has been witnessed by spectators for years. But this time, the trainer has shown the value a female can have. Antonucci has eventually shared that she didn’t have feelings to share, which means how joyful she was after winning the victory.

What is the safety of the horses?

To every winning of the horce racing, it was found that horces have the chances to get injured more. Previous times, it was found that horses even died. The authority has now become aware of the safety and security of the horses.

It’s the effort of the horse that gives the trainer the name and the fame. Talking about the last month, Havnameltdown has suffered a brutal injury. This was totally unexpected, and after all, they are animals, and they can’t express their feelings with words.

Antonucci’s reaction after winning

The history-maker couldn’t hold back her tears after winning the championship. She added boldly, “Never give up. And if you can’t find a seat the at table, make your own table.” She advised indirectly that if someone wants the victory, he must try harder and harder to snatch it.

She emphasized more: “Build your team and never give up. People see you. Just keep working your butt off.” On the other hand, Castellano also praised the horse. He mentioned boldly, “I give all the credit to the horse,It’s a wonderful horse and the way he did it today, I don’t think this is the limit. Had a beautiful trip alongside the rail.” 

Arcangelo really doesn’t have a limit. This more than worthy horse is the hero behind everything. All credit goes to him. The winner of the Triple Crown, the female trainer, has made her dream come true. This hilarious sports horse is a hard sleeper; his trainer also mentioned this secret.

Leave us your thoughts on what you think and how the feelings were for the female trainer.

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