May 17, 2024
James Harden

No one was ready to watch the fat version of James Harden. The James “Olive” Garden! the taunted name given by anonymous, was really something that drew the attention of the people. The funny thing was the person’s look, which was somewhat similar to James Harden’s. The person was wearing a signature beard style similar to James but more bulky than the 76ers star.

The video footage is now surfacing on the internet. The James “Olive” Garden was found to be a good scorer, as clean as it is. It was really a good score. After the score, he was found shaking his body to celebrate that, and it was remarkable.

James Harden’s copy, James “Olive” Garden, gets taunted

The James “Olive” Garden scored the basket well, but got seriously taunted as the caption was like mentioning James Harden’s name as if the “Olive” Garden is the real James Harden. This copy of James made people laugh and comment on the video clip on X, formerly known as Twitter.

The man in the video clip was seen attempting three pointers and smoothly scoring them as if he were a professional basketball player like James Harden. Some were saying that it wasn’t James, but they were not sure until the face was revealed.

Some were commenting that James looked different in here. One of James Harden’s fans commented, ” The disrespect,” and he wanted to mean that this is something really disrespectful to James.

Another man commented with “Big Nasty,” which means that the man’s body is very big and his attitude, especially the way he celebrated through dancing, was really nasty.

Comparison of the Man with James Harden

Harden’s story started back in 2009, when he first got drafted by the Oklahoma City Thunder. His position for his present team, the 76ers, is point guard. Harden has had many incredible scores throughout his career so far.

His career stats with the 76ers for the 2022–23 season are GP-58, Min-36.8, Pts-21.0, FG%-44.1, 3pt%-38.5, Reb-6.1, Ast-10.7, and Stl-1.2.

Though regarded as one of the greatest scorers and shooting guards, sometimes Harden got taunted by people for his moves in the match.

The copy of him, James “Olive” Garden, is now viral on social media. It wouldn’t be that bad if James Harden took part in the video with the viral man. If he did, then another viral caption would be made.

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