May 23, 2024
Human Wave

Human Wave

One thing has always been constant in any war in history: This is ‘damage’. War and loss complement each other. All defeats in history so far have been one side losing and the other side winning. But both sides suffered losses.

Strategy is very important to win the war. History has seen that despite being outnumbered and outgunned, they have suffered defeat due to wrong tactics. On the other hand, there are many examples of people who, despite being outnumbered and outgunned, have won by adopting proper tactics. From the beginning of history to the present day, all the wars have been fought by different sides. One of the most brutal tactics is the ‘Human Wave’.

Saddam Hussein’s Iraq attacked neighboring Iran in the 1980s. The war began. Experts differ on the exact cause of this war. At the beginning of the attack on Iran, Iraq was enjoying considerable success. But later, Iran launched a counterattack.

In July 1982, the Iranian army and the volunteer Basij forces launched a counter-offensive military operation called ‘Operation Ramadan’. In this campaign, about 100,000 infantry soldiers lined up and attacked the Iraqi army with weapons.

Where the Iraqi soldiers were armed with modern weaponry directly in the trenches, the Iranian army had none of that. There was little cooperation from other military branches. As a result, thousands of attacking Iranian soldiers lost their lives to Iraqi army artillery and machine gun fire. This is how the ‘Human Wave Tactic’ was applied in the Persian Gulf War.

Year 1950 On the Korean peninsula, the war is raging. On the one hand, North Korea and its allies are two world powers, China and the Soviet Union. On the other hand, South Korea and its allies America, Japan and the joint forces of the United Nations. China sent a large part of its army to the battlefield to win the war against its ally North Korea.

Chinese soldiers used a novel ‘human wave’ technique in this battle. At first, a few Chinese soldiers approached the enemy to find weak points. If the opponent sensed then chaos would begin. At this opportunity, the main force would attack in a large scale. Needless to say, the small group that sneaked up on the enemy in the beginning would suffer the most damage. They were attacked the most. The Chinese used this technique with great success.

World War II is going on. The German Nazi forces are conducting the biggest military operation in history called ‘Operation Barbarossa’ in the Soviet Union. The goal is one, to defeat the vast Soviet Union and bring it under their control, reducing a battlefield.

At first it seemed that the Nazi victory was only a matter of time. In this war, the Germans were fully equipped with modern weapons, while the Soviets were outnumbered and lacked weapons. So the Soviet leaders were forced to resort to the Human Wave technique to stop the Nazi advance.

Russian losses were too high in the face of well-armed Nazis. Only in the battle of Stalingrad almost eleven million soldiers died! The Japanese also used this technique on their opponents during World War II.

Three examples of Human Waves were seen above, from which some idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis strategy can be gained. This is a battle tactic in which one’s troops are armed and sent for a direct infantry attack. A major aspect of this attack is that one’s attacking army must be outnumbered by the opponent.

The adversary is also usually prepared in advance to counter such an attack. In most cases, with sufficient weapons in the trenches, they plan to stun the opposing infantry from a distance before they approach them. Because Human Wave can become quite effective in hand-to-hand combat. The Human Wave technique was most commonly used in ancient times, as the military equipment needed to fight at a distance from the enemy had not yet been invented.

Human Wave techniques are rarely used in modern times. Because this is a strategy where heavy losses are inevitable. Almost all armies today have weapons that can stop an advancing enemy from a distance. So no army would resort to this strategy at the risk of losing a large number of soldiers.

However, with sufficient support from other branches of the military, it is possible to achieve success using Human Wave even in modern times. In the ongoing Russo-Ukraine conflict, Russian mercenary forces have successfully used Wagner’s tactics. Although war means destruction is inevitable, each side decides the strategy of war according to its capabilities.

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