How was the establishment of the only Jewish state in the world, Israel…?


The most discussed, criticized and controversial subject today is the Israeli, Palestinian and Gaza crisis. Now your question can arise,

How this small Jewish community created the only Jewish state in the world, who helped them. So today’s discussion is the context of the development of the Jewish community and the formation of the state.

First let’s introduce the current state of Israel geographically:

Today, the State of Israel is known as a country in the Middle East. It is located on the southwest of the Mediterranean Sea and on the northern shore of the Red Sea.

Israel is also bordered by Lebanon to the north, Syria to the northeast, Jordan to the east, the Palestinian West Bank and Gaza Strip to the west, and Egypt to the southwest.

Now let’s come to the context of the establishment of the state of Israel, How did Judaism begin in Israel?

To know this, we have to go back a long way. Basically, the journey of the Jewish state of Israel began without any controversy, with the United Nations constitution and treaty.

But until then, the Jews were scattered nomads, with no land of their own. However, the original home of this Jewish community in Israel was in the present Syria-Jordan-Lebanon-Israel-Palestine area. The history shows that the Jews were persecuted and expelled from these regions and dispersed to different parts of the world. Some of whom started living as nomads in Europe or Arabia.

However, in the 19th century most Jews lived in Europe, especially in Russian and German territories. At that time a new persecution of the Jews began with the Christians. At some point, unable to accept all this, the Jews decided to return to their original land.

In view of which Dr. Theodor Herzl demanded the establishment of a separate state for the Jewish ethnic group in 1896. What later evolved into a political movement, the Zionist Association was formed.

Before World War I, all of Europe was dependent on Turkey for the glycerine trade. Later, Europe was in danger when Turkey announced a ban on glycerine trade. It was at that moment that the Jewish scientist Dr. Chaim Weizmann showed them the face of light. He invented ‘acetone’ and disclosed its formula to the British, which was used instead of glycerine in the maintenance of munitions.

As a result, the British benefitted and at that time scientist Dr. Chaim Weizmann demanded a separate place for Jews from the British Prime Minister in exchange for information.

But the present-day Israel-Palestine region was still under the Muslim Ottoman Empire. After the First World War, the Muslim Caliphate collapsed in Turkey due to the short-sightedness of the Muslim rulers and the conspiracies of the British at that time.

In 1917, British forces occupied Iraq, the Sinai Valley, Palestine, and Holy Jerusalem, leaving these areas under the control of Britain and France. And it was at that time that the Jews activated their movement to return to their homeland.

On November 2, 1917, then-British Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour pledged the establishment of a Jewish state in the Palestinian territories in a letter to Zionists, known in history as the Balfour Declaration.

The rationale for the British decision

There are two main reasons behind this decision of the British. First, the gratitude for victory in World War I by providing the acetone formula. Second, the British did not want to stir up chaos by harboring Jews because they knew that Jews were traditionally a power-hungry, unprincipled race, and they were interested in establishing a separate nation for the Jews.

Most of the Jews came from Europe and settled in Palestine after being assured of a separate state for the Jews, which the Arab states could not stop. Between 1905 and 1914 the number of Jews in Palestine rose to several thousand. That rose to 21,000 by 1918. After this, the gathering of the scattered Jews in different parts of the world began.

As a result, the number of Jews in Palestine rose to 35 thousand from 1919 to 1923. As Israel gradually emerged as a safe state for Jews, the Jewish population continued to grow. As a result, the number of Jews increased almost 5 times to 180 thousand in 1931 and 600,000 in 1948.

The Haganah, a secret Jewish organization formed in 1918 with the help of Britain, played an important role in the creation of the illegal Jewish state, but later the Haganah organization became a terrorist force, primarily attacking, intimidating, looting and bombing Palestinians.

The ‘Haganah’ forces were at times terrorizing the Palestinians. After World War II, in 1947, the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 181 regarding the partition of the Palestinian territories. The UN became the game of the Jews and passed a resolution to divide Palestine ignoring the opposition of the entire Muslim world to succeed the American and British plot.

Role of United Nations

Based on this proposal, the United Nations divided the whole of Palestine into two parts. 55 percent of which was given to the Jewish state of Israel and 45 percent to Palestine. In 1947, the United States began pressuring some economically weaker states to vote for Israel.

Due to the weakness of the Muslims and pressure from the United States, the British government officially gave up the Palestinian Mandate on May 14, 1948. Jewish leaders then proclaimed Israel as a new state. The day after this announcement, the Arab states declared war against Israel, but unfortunately the Muslims were defeated this time.

After the Arab defeat, Israel annexed much Arab land, leaving more than 700,000 Palestinians homeless.
Israel began its journey as a new state, and in this journey, with the help of its allies, the United States and Britain, Israel became stronger in arms and power.

In the 1960s, it acquired nuclear weapons, increased occupation and brutality, and continued to occupy Palestinian territories. which continues till date.

Against this brutality of Israel, three wars were fought in 1956, 1967 and 1973 between Arab states and Arab-Israeli over the Palestinian issue. But on the contrary the fate of Palestine has been nothing but suffering.

Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was founded in 1964 with the aim of liberation struggle. Yasser Arafat was the chairman of the organization from 1968 to 2004. Hamas was formed in 1987 to end the occupation and liberate Palestine. They have political, social and military branches. The radical organization does not recognize Israel.

The future

The conflict between Israel and Palestine is nothing new. Every day, countless innocent lives are lost. Only time will tell how far the infractions go. There is now much uncertainty as to how much longer the violations will last.

NB- The aforementioned details are drawn from publicly accessible Google search results.

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